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Captured by Illusion!

It's a lovely day in Vera City. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the sweet fragrance of the flowers fills the air.

Mickey and Minnie are happily dancing in the meadow. But suddenly, thick, gray clouds cover the sun, and the birds fall silent. A musty odor overcomes the pleasant fragrance of flowers. Mickey glances up to see a witch on a broom hovering above him! It's Mizrabel, the evil witch who is jealous of Minnie's beauty! Her bony fingers clench Minnie's arm!


"This pretty thing is coming with me!" she shrieks. "Hee-hee-hee-hee-heee!" And away she flies with Minnie.

Mickey chases the fleeing witch through the forest and past towering mountains. Finally he reaches the Castle of Illusion, perched on a high, craggy cliff. At its gate, he meets an old man, bent over with age.

Old Man

"You must rescue Minnie before it's too late!" says the old man. "Mizrabel is going to take Minnie's beauty for herself. She'll make Minnie look mean and evil, just like her! You can defeat her only if you have the seven Gems of the Rainbow."

"Where are those gems?" asks Mickey.

"You'll find them in the castle," the old man replies, "but they are guarded by the Masters of Illusion. They have created strange worlds and bizarre creatures to keep you from reaching Minnie. You must be careful!"

Mickey thanks the man and hurries through the gate. In the castle, Mickey opens every door to every room. Each door leads to a different world of illusion.

Can Mickey find the seven Gems of the Rainbow in time to rescue Minnie? It's up to you! Wander through creepy caves and dark dungeons. Splash into a cup of tea and leap across frosty ice cream swirls! Knock down chocolate chips, juggling clowns and crawly caterpillars with Mickey's bounce attack.

Minnie needs your help! Hurry!

Take Control!

To help Mickey win, learn how to use your Control Pad before you start playing.

Control Pad Buttons

SMS Control Pad

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button 1

Button 2

Mickey's Special Feats

Bounce Attack

Bounce Attack

Long Jump

Long Jump

Sliding down Slopes


Picking up and Throwing Things

Hold Pick up Throw

Reaching High Ladders

High Ladder

Getting Started

Read the story screens to find out how Witch Mizrabel captured Minnie, and how Mickey got to the Castle of Illusion. (Or press Button 1 or 2 to skip the screens.)

Title Screen

At the Title screen, press Button 1 or 2.
The Game Selection screen appears.

Selection Screen

On the Game Selection screen, press the D-Button to select a Practice or a Normal game. Then press Button 1 or 2 to begin the game.

How's Mickey Doing?

Mickey enters the Castle of Illusion with three chances to rescue Minnie. In the castle, he finds himself in front of three wooden doors. Behind each door are mysteries, enchantments and illusions! Follow Mickey through one of the doors... ...and as you play, keep an eye on the meters at the bottom of the screen. They'll show you how Mickey - and you - are doing.

Status Bar
  1. Power Gauge shows how much power Mickey has left. Every time he gets bonked or accidently runs into an enemy he loses some power. If he loses all his power, he loses one try.
  2. Tries shows how many chances Mickey has to get through the entire game. He starts with three tries. If he loses them all without finishing a level, the game is over.
  3. Score shows how many points you've earned so far.
  4. Time shows how much time you have left to complete the game. When the timer reaches zero, you lose one try.

End of Game...

Game Over

When Mickey loses all his tries, the game ends.
But Mickey's determined to try again.

...and Continue Game


Mickey can continue up to nine times. Select Continue and press Button 1 or 2. You return to the game from the scene where Mickey enters the castle gate. You can challenge the same level or try another level. Your previous score will not be saved. If you don't want to continue, select New Game and press Button 1 or 2. The game will start over from the Story screens.

Mickey's Treasures

Treasure ChestTreasure Chests Hold goodies for Mickey. Break them open with the Bounce Attack or by throwing them.
CoinsGold Coins Add extra points to your score. The large one is worth 2,000 points and the small one 500 points.
CakeCake Gives Mickey power. Picking up the large cake fills two power stars and picking up the small cake fills one power star.
Mouse EarsMouse Ears Give Mickey an extra chance (try) to complete the game.

Note: Earning 10,000 points or more gives Mickey an extra try. After that, Mickey earns an extra try every time 10,000 points are added to the score.
Power StarPower Stars Add an extra power star to the Power Gauge.
GemGems Collect all seven of these to rescue Minnie.

Mickey's Bizarre Adventures

Behind every door in the castle is a different world of illusion. Each world is a labyrinth filled with myriads of critters and tricks, all created by Mizrabel and her masters of illusion. Good luck!

The Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Enter a glowing forest where trees and roly-polies crawl, tulips spit poison seeds, and spiders attack from their sticky webs. Carefully leap across falling leaves. Beware of flying bats and creepy caterpillars!



Stroll into a maze of animated toys. Knock down prancing chessmen and juggling clowns! Duck or jump over buzzing toy airplanes! You may get lucky and find a shortcut - or end up in a booby trap!

The Dessert Factory

Dessert Factory

Huge cinnamon doughnuts chase after you and fluffy cupcakes block your path. Slide down chunks of chocolate and swim with the jelly beans in a puddle of milk! This world of delightful treats is full of frightful tricks!

The Library


Huge books and towering pencils - is this a giant's room? Maybe, so you better watch out! Skip across bookshelves and bounce on bookworms. Dive into a teacup and float with the sugar cubes!

The Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Ready for a winding trek in the ticking tower? Swing from giant pendulums and spring on rotating gears. Watch your head when standing on revolving screws. Get out before the grandfather clock lays his hands on you!

The Castle


Now you're in the castle where armored knights attack and scary ghosts fly toward you. You're one step away from Mizrabel - and Minnie. Don't give up!


At the end of every level, the remaining time will be added to the score as a bonus.

Mickey's Hints

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