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Starting Up

  1. Set up your Sega Master System or Master System II as described in its instruction manual. Plug in Control Pad 1. For two-player games, plug in Control Pad 2 also.
  2. Make sure the power switch is OFF. Then insert the Sega cartridge into the Power Base.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. In a few moments, the Title screen appears.
  4. If the Title screen doesn’t appear, turn the power switch OFF. Make sure your system is set up correctly and the cartridge is properly inserted. Then turn the power switch ON again.

Important: Always make sure that the power switch is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Cartridge.

Note: This game is for one or two players.

  1. Sega Cartridge
  2. Control Pad 1
  3. Control Pad 2

Bubble Bobble

In a faraway land lived two friendly couples. One couple was a boy named Babby and a girl named Betty and the other couple was a boy named Bobby and a girl named Patty. On many days the four of them had a grand time playing together...

But, on one such day they went to play near the forest, and before they knew it had wandered into the forest of the wicked witch where Nobody goes.

  1. Bubblen
  2. Bobblen
  3. Betty
  4. Patty

What now! The wicked witch took the two girls and locked them up in a mammoth cave as deep twenty stories. Not only that, she cast a curse on Bobby and Baddy and turned them into bubble dragons. She changed their names to Bubblen and Bobblen. Now you control these bubble dragons. You must go into the mammoth cave to try to rescue Betty and Patty and bring them back to safety. The conclusion of this story? It's entirely up to you!

Getting Started

When you turn on the Sega Master System, the Title screen appears. When the title screen appears, push the Start button on either the 1-Player or 2-Player joystick. The Play Select screen will appear as shown to the right. Press the D-Button to move the cursor (the green bubble) and choose from the menu.

Starting from the beginning

If you are playing Bubble Bobble for the first time, it is best to start with Round 1. Choose 1P START if you are playing alone;choose 2P START if you are playing with someone. Press the Start Button to enter your choice.

Picking up where you left off

You may start playing where you last finished by entering the password incicated when you last finished playing the game. Choose PASSWORD from the Play Select screen, followed by the Start button. The screen will change to the Password Entry screen shown to the right.

A... Play Select screen

B... Password Entry screen

Entering your password

  1. Move the B cursor (blue bubble) by pressing the D-Button. Select the correct letters and press Button 2 to enter your choice.
  2. Each time Button 1 is pressed, the A cursor (green bubble) moves one space to the left. If you make a mistake, simply move the A cursor to the mistaken letter and choose the correct entry.
  3. When you are finished entering you password, place the B cursor on END and press Button 2. If you have entered the password correctly, a chime will sound and the Play Select screen will aprear. A buzzer will sound if your password has not been entered correctly at which time you may reenter the correct password. Choose 1P CONTINUE if you are playing alone; choose 2P CONTINUE if you are playing with someone. Enter your choice with the Start button.

The Round number where you begin is displayed at the bottom right corner of the Play Select screen. You may choose the Round where you would like to begin by pressing the D-Button up or down to choose the Round number followed by pressing the Start button.

* Please note that if you choose 1P START or 2P START after you enter your password, you will automatically begin at Round 1.

Using Your Control Pad

  1. Directional Button (D-Button)
    Player moves to the left or right
  2. Button 1
    Shoots bubble in direction that player is facing
  3. Button 2
    Player jumps

Playing the Game

The Game Screen

  1. Bubblen's score
  2. Round
  3. Bobblen's score
  4. Bubblen’s remaining lives
  5. Bobblen's remaining lives

Game over indication

When you lose all of your lives, the game is over and the screen shown to the right appears. Move the cursor (green bubble) with the D-button to enter your choice. If you choose CONTINUE, the Round number will be displayed at the bottom right. The round can be changed by pressing the D-button up or down. When the Start button is pressed, action will begin in the Round displayed.

If you choose GAME END, the title screen will appear. If you write down the password, you can start where you left off next time you play the game. See pages 8 & 10 for instructions on how to enter the password.

Items indication

When the pause button located on the Power Base is pressed during game play, the screen to the right appears, indicating all special items collected. Special items are necessary in order to finish the game. They can be found out somewhere in the game. The game can be resumed by pressing the pause button an additional time.

Basic Skill

Bubblen and Bobblen destroy their enemies by shooting bubbles. It is important to master this basic shooting action.

  1. Shoot a bubble.
  2. Trap your enemy in the bubble.
  3. Break the bubble with your horns and fins.
  4. The enemy is transformed into fruit. Increase your score by eating the fruit.

* If you leave an enemy trapped in a bubble for a long time or if the words "HURRY UP" appear, the enemy will turn red from anger and start moving quickly. Be careful!

Advanced Skills

Once you have mastered the basic shooting skill, it's time to try more difficult moves.

Chain breaking

If one bubble in a chain of bubbles is broken, the whole chain breaks. Increase your score by breaking a whole chain of bubbles with enemies inside.

Riding bubbles

You can jump on bubbles without breaking them by keeping Button 2 pressed while landing on top of a bubble. This technique is necessary to clear some rounds.

Chain bubble riding

An extension of bubble riding, this skill is very advanced. It is used in cases where you are trapped by a high wall. After shooting several bubbles, jump on top of the bubbles while keeping button 2 pressed. If you have trouble getting the bubbles to go up, try pressing Button 2 rapidly.


If you open your mouth to shoot a bubble when you are immediately next to an enemy, you can bite them, a quicker way to defeat them than trapping them in a bubble.

Special Bubbles

In some Rounds you will encounter bubbles which give you special powers. If you use them skillfully, you may be able to finish the round easily.

Fire bubble

When these bubbles are broken, the floor immediately beneath will be immersed in flames. Enemies who come in contact with the flames will be destroyed. Flames spread in the direction of your rear fins. If you come in contact with the flames, you will be paralyzed for an instant.

Thunder bubble

When these bubbles are broken, lightening is shot sideways, destroying all enemies that come in contact. The lightening is shot from your rear fins. If you are hit by lightning, you will be paralyzed for an instant.

Water bubble

When these bubbles are broken, water is released. Enemies are destroyed when they come in contact with the water. If you come in contact with the water, you will be swept away, so be careful! You can also use the water to move in ways you never imagined.

Extend Bubble

During the game, you will encounter 6 bubbles with the letters E, X, T, E, N, and D. These are the extend bubbles. Each time one of these bubbles in broken, the respective letter is displayed on the screen. When you have broken all 6 types of these bubbles, you will automatically advance to the next round and you will gain one additional life.

Bubblen’s extended bubble

Bonus Round

When you obtain holy water (see page 30) you will enter a bonus round. In the bonus round, you should eat as many of the bonus foods on the screen as you can within the time limit. Your bonus points will be determined on the basis of the number of bonus foods that you eat. If you eat all bonus foods in the screen, you will get special points.

  1. bonus food


During the game, items appears in each round at a specific place and time. If you collect these items, you will be endowed with mysterious powers.

Candy (pink)Bubbles are shot a further distance.
Candy (blue)Bubbles are shot faster.
Candy (orange)Bubbles are shot rapid fire.
JuiceMovement speed is increased.
DynamiteA large explosion kills all enemies at once.
UmbrellaYou are warped several rounds ahead.
Holy waterYou are entitled to a bonus round.
Chakkun heartYou become immortal for a short while.
Cross of thunder (light blue)A large flood destroys all enemies at once.
Cross of thunder (yellow)A bolt of lightening destroys all enemies at once.
Cross of thunder (red)16 powerful fireballs can be used in the present round.
Book of deathAn earthquake destroys all enemies at once.
Star tiaraStars fall out of the sky to destroy all enemies at once.
Magic necklaceEnergy balls destroy all enemies at once.
BellStarting the next round, you will be told whether or not an item which will destroy all enemies at once is available.
Crystal ballStarting the next round and going to the 10th round, you will be told where special items are located.
Drug of thunderYou will be able to shoot thunder bubbles. These will only appear in round 100.
Magic staffChanges bubbles to food at the end of a round.
Treasure chestCan cause big food to fall from the sky.
Dark crystalA black hole appears, sucking in all enemies.
Book of blizzardA killer storm destroys all enemies.
Peacock featherA guardian fairy appears.
PentagramYou receive one extra life.
TriangleThe game become a bit easier.

There are many other items not shown on these pages.


You can increase your score by eating the food that appears during the game. There are four types of food; Timer Food which always appears at the same place and time, Enemy Food which appears when you destroy an enemy, Finished Round Food which appears from bubbles at the end of a Round, and Bonus Food which appears in the bonus Rounds.

  1. banana
  2. green pepper
  3. peach
  4. watermelon
  5. pudding
  6. shortcake
  7. french fries
  8. soft cream
  9. ruby
  10. necklace
  11. crown

Many other kinds of food not shown here will appear.

Enemy Characters


This windup robot runs and jumps. He is a pest if he starts following you.

Rock thrower

He produces big rocks from out of nowhere and throws them at you.


This creature comes to life every time he runs into a wall.


He hovers in the air with a propeller and will come bashing into you when he gets a chance.


This character jumps around with a spring attached to his body.


A familiar character from the past, this alien descends from the sky in a zigzag pattern. He shoots destructive beams so be careful!

Fire breather

This mountain dwelling monster spews fire balls from his mouth. He is a formidable enemy.

Deadly monster

This character appears when you take too much time. He is afraid of no one and will chase you, with increasing speed.


This is actually a wizard with a taste for booze. He throws empty whisky bottles like boomerangs.

The rascal

Hiding his face behind a mask, this character chases after you when time runs out.

Super drunkard

This is the villain who kidnapped Betty and Patty. He is waiting in ambush somewhere in the cave. It is rumored that he is helpless against a certain medicine.

Super rock thrower

This enemy is Super drunkard’s best student. He attacks by making rocks fall from the cave ceiling like hail. He is most vulnerable to fire.

Son of Super drunkard

Wearing a blue garment, this character has fallen in love with Betty and Patty and wants to marry them.

Super fire breather

This enemy is Super drunkard’s second best student. He attacks by spewing fire balls in many directions. He is most vulnerable to lightning.

Helpful Hints

Advance by figuring out the direction of the wind. Each round has a distinct wind. Where bubbles will head depends on the direction of this wind. Understanding the direction of the wind in each round is a secret to getting a high score.

Discover how to make special items and food appear. Items and food appear under specific circumstances. If you discover these circumstances, you can make the items and food appear.

Hidden rooms are important keys to finishing the game. In various places inside the cave are hidden rooms.

When you fulfill certain conditions during the game, the doors to these rooms will appear. These rooms may contain important items for finishing the game.

Don't give up even if you choose the wrong ending. There are several possible endings to this game. If you choose a wrong path and go too far, don't loose hope. You should be able to find the right path again by paying attention to the hints.

Handling This Cartridge

This Cartridge is intended exclusively for the Sega System.

For Proper Usage

  1. Do not immerse in water!
  2. Do not bend!
  3. Do not subject to any violent impact!
  4. Do not expose to direct sunlight!
  5. Do not damage or disfigure!
  6. Do not place near any high temperature source!
  7. Do not expose to thinner, benzine, etc.!

WARNING: For owners of projection televisions. Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture tube damage or mark phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large screen projection televisions.

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