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Loading Instructions: Starting Up

BLADE Eagle 3-D™ is designed for use with the Sega 3-D Glasses™ and Sega Control Pad or Control Stick.

It's one of a new generation of games which give you SegaScope™ 3-D, the ultimate dimension in 3-D video game play. Follow these set up instructions, and watch the screen come alive!

The following instructions are for game set up.

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the 3-D Adaptor Unit into the Power Base card slot. Insert the 3-D Glasses jack into the 3-D Adaptor Unit's jack port.
  3. Gently insert the BLADE Eagle 3-D™ cartridge into the Power Base. If the cartridge is properly aligned, it will easily slip into place.
  4. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, check the cartridge insertion and the Power Base connection to the TV.
  5. Plug the Control Pad or Control Stick cord into the Control # 1 input on the Power Base.
  6. Put the 3-D Glasses on. If there is no 3-D effect, check the connection to the 3-D Glasses, and check that the 3-D Adaptor Unit is properly installed.
  7. Push Button # 1 to start. If nothing happens, check the connection between the Control Pad or Control Stick and the Power Base. Also make sure you are using the left control port - Control # 1.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Card/Cartridge™.

The BLADE Story

The date was 2888 A.D.. After centuries of interplanetary negotiations, the galaxy was finally at peace.


The last vote at the United Planetary Federation for peace was 1467 for a controlled peaceful coexistence and 1 world voting against. The exception was the planet Arvian. Warlike in nature, the Arvians had a nasty habit of invading other worlds.

To monitor the Arvians, a peacekeeping organization was formed. Called Border Line Arvian Detection and Enforcement, or BLADE for short, this squadron of specially designed fighter ships were organized to keep watch over the activities of the Arvians.

In a sudden brutal attack, the Arvians destroyed the body of the BLADE fleet and took over three worlds. You escaped... and now it's you against all of them!

Your job is to restore peace by destroying the rebellious robots and then defeating the boss Arvians on each of the three worlds. Only then will the galaxy return to its peaceful state.

End of Game

You start BLADE Eagle with three fighter ships.

The game will end when you either lose all three ships or you successfully destroy all three end-of-the-world Arvian leaders.

NOTE: Additional BLADE Eagle ships cannot be gained by high point totals.

Taking Control

The Directional Button (D-Button)
Moves BLADE Eagle in all 8 directions.
Button 1
Changes BLADE Eagle's 3-D height each time the button is pushed.
NOTE: BLADE Eagle will only rise or descend to the upper or lower limits. You can not fly the ship at any point in between.
Button 2
Fires a single shot from your weapon.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure your SegaScope™ 3-D Glasses are plugged in.
  2. Press Button 1 on Control pad # 1 to start the game.
  3. Put on your SegaScope™ 3-D Glasses and get ready to shoot!

Play Screen

When the game starts, you will begin on the first round of the first world.

A ship will appear in the lower portion of the screen. This is your BLADE Eagle.

By pushing Button 1, the BLADE Eagle will change height.

The enemy will appear at both heights. In order for you to destroy them, both the ship and the enemy must be at the same altitude.

Score Screen

Every time you lose a ship the play screen will change to the score screen and the number of remaining BLADE Eagles will decrease by one.

Rounds and Worlds

The BLADE Eagle's quest for peace is going to be long and difficult. You will have to get through 9 rounds of battle on 3 different worlds. Besides countless defensive robots, each round is guarded by a mid-round and an end-of-round Arvian Defense Leader. Defeat each of these defense leaders and you will get a bonus power-up weapon.

Worlds: 1. Triton 2. Proxima 3. Mira

First Round: Outer Space

The battle begins before you even get to the first world. It's a trap and the robots are waiting for you! Watch out for enemy fire from the platform mounted guns.

Second Round: Planet's Surface

More enemy robots here! Their pursuit of you is relentless and their shots are extremely accurate. Also watch out for the tall buildings on the planet.

Third Round: Inside the Arvian Fortress

This is the Arvian's underground stronghold. Fly low in the trenches if you dare, but watch out for the trench mounted guns. Make it to the end and be prepared to battle the Arvian World Commander.

Know your Weapons

When you destroy the Arvian Defense Leader in the middle of each round you will get a power-up weapon. If you shoot or touch these items when they appear, your BLADE Eagle's performance will automatically be increased.<div>


If you take the shadow, a second fighting plane with the same performance as BLADE Eagle will fly alongside. If your BLADE Eagle is shot, this shadow will take its place and will continue to fight. Up to 2 shadows can be added to your BLADE Eagle.


If you acquire this item, the speed of your BLADE Eagle will double.


By taking this part, your weapon's strength will increase. Besides your original cannon, there are other add-on weapons available:

Normal Shot
This is the original weapon given to you at the beginning of the game.

Twin Shot
This feature allows BLADE Eagle to shoot two shots at once.

Laser Beam
This add-on weapon has total penetrating power. It will wipe out all of the enemy in the line of fire.

Particle Beam
This weapon will destroy a wide range of enemies with one shot. It is your most powerful weapon.

Anti-Matter Annihilator
After BLADE Eagle's weapon increases to the Particle Beam, the weapon will not change even if you pick up additional Power-Ups. However, if you obtain additional Power-Up parts, you have the ability to now destroy all of the enemy that appear on the screen at once.

Know Your Enemies

Robots-All 100 points:










Lead Robots-All 200 points:












Round Defense Leaders-All 2,000 points:

These are the Arvian leaders which will appear during the rounds. By defeating them, different power-up parts will appear.

Robo Master




Quark Emmitter

Proton Flux Generator

Arvian World Commanders

After you complete all three rounds on a world you will have to battle the Supreme Commander of that world. They are:




Helpful Hints



Handling The Mega Cartridge™

90-Day Limited Warranty Sega® Card/Cartridge

To validate the following 90-day limited warranty, your sales slip or proof of purchase should be retained at time of purchase and presented at time of warranty claim.

90-Day Limited Warranty

Sega of America, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this Sega Card™ /Cartridge™ shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If defect covered by this warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective card/cartridge, at its option, free of charge.

This warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

To receive fast, reliable service, call the Sega Customer Service Department at the following numbers:

Outside California
Inside California

Our Customer Service Department is in operation from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday. Do not return your Sega Card/Cartridge to your retail seller.

Sega's service center is located at the following address:

Sega of America, Inc.
Warranty Repair
573 Forbes Blvd.
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Limitations On Warranty

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to ninety days from the date of purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega of America, Inc. be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties.

The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitations of exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty provides you with specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state.

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