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The Challenge

Somewhere deep in the jungles of Central America is the legendary Aztec Paradise. But no one has ever been there because the only way that leads to it is through a fearsome labyrinth inhabited by mysterious Aztec demons, monsters and spirits. Only the cool and clever explorer Niño is brave enough to venture into the labyrinth ... with any chance of survival!

Through one strange landscape after another, Niño presses on in search of Paradise. At every turn, enemies try to stop him. Some enemies can be bribed. Others he'll have to fight. And at the end of each passage, he'll have to encounter the boss Demon. Niño will have to defeat the Demon to open the gate to the next round, so he can continue on his quest.

What's it like in Paradise? There's only one way to find out.


Niño's adventure is long and hazardous. He will have to get through ten rounds, each representing a different part of the labyrinth. Each section is guarded by its own Demon.

At the end of the labyrinth is the area known as the Shadows of the Phantoms ... a misty land where all the Demons are present together. It's a scary place, and it won't be easy for Niño to get through. But if he does, the gates of Paradise will finally open up for him.

2Underground waterway
7Underground waterway
11Phantoms' shadows

The End of the Game

Niño starts the game with three lives. His life meter, in the upper center of the screen, will be all red when his life force is at full strength. When the meter becomes completely white, you lose one life.

The games ends when you reach Paradise, or lose your last life. The score and the number of rounds you've completed will be announced on the screen at the end of the game.

Take Control

SMS Control Pad

Direction Button (D-Button)

Button 1

Button 2

Make Your Move

When you push Button 1, you'll see a picture of Niño and several of his enemies.

Niño, Papi(1), Pupe(2), and Poh(3)

These enemies can be turned into allies if you give them some money. Under the faces of each enemy, you'll see money bags representing how much money you'll have to give that enemy to turn him into your ally. Remember how much money each enemy needs, then press Button 1 to start the game.

Progress of the Game

At the beginning of every round you will see the number of the round and a picture of the boss Demon for that part of the labyrinth.

Destroy the enemy! Monster Flower

Then, a Goddess will appear to lead you into the labyrinth. At the end of each labyrinth section, you'll find a gigantic Demon. You'll have to conquer that Demon before the gate opens into the next section of the maze.

Enemies and Obstacles

There are many enemies waiting for you inside the labyrinth. When you are near an enemy, you can press Button 2 to defeat him with your sword.

You'll often find your path blocked by strange glowing plants ... "numbing trees," "popping flowers" and obstacles. These trees and flowers will lower your life meter if you get stung by them ... however, you can burn your way through if you've managed to pick up a fireball along the way.

The path is also full of dangerous guard spirits, animal spirits and other hazards. Any of these can lower your life meter if they get you. You may be able to destroy them with your sword or other weapons; or you may be able to dodge around them. Try to have the appropriate weapon selected and ready before you move into each passage.

How to Read the Screen

Map of screen layout

The Life Meter

The life meter is located in the upper left part of the screen. When it's all red, Niño is completely healthy. When it turns completely white, Niño will lose one life.

Decreasing: Your life force decreases when you run into an enemy, an obstacle, or any of the various weapons that may be hurled at you. Falling into a river will also decrease your life force.

Increasing: A Wishing Well will appear from the second round on. If you throw a money bag into the Wishing Well, your life meter will be replenished.

Weapon Items

Niño starts the game with only a sword as his weapon. When he is near an enemy, you can defeat him by pressing Button 2.

Several types of enemies and obstacles will appear in this game. You'll have to get hold of several types of weapons and learn how to use them, if you want to make it to Paradise.

How to Use Weapon Items

On the item display at the top right of the screen, a white frame is used to select the weapon you want to use.

Press Button 1 and the white frame appears around the picture of an item. Press Button 1 again to move the frame to the right. (It will not stop next to an item if you don't have any of that item.) The item with the white frame around it is the one you'll use when you press Button 2. If no white frame appears, you'll use the sword when you press Button 2.

To select the sword, press Button 1 until the white frame moves off the right edge.

To throw an item in any direction, or to use your sword in that direction...

money bag iconiron ball iconspear icon4-directional iron balls iconspecial icon ➮ Sword

Types of Items and How to Use Them

money bag iconMoney: Sometimes you can turn an enemy into an ally by giving him some money. And if you throw money into the Wishing Well, you can replenish your life meter.
iron ball iconIron Ball: Flies in a straight line. You can defeat some enemies by throwing the iron ball at them.
spear iconSpear: Flies in a straight line. It will pierce through your enemy and bring him down.
4-directional iron balls icon4-Directional Iron Balls: They fly in four directions, vertically and horizontally. Will conquer some enemies that a regular iron ball won't hurt.
special iconSpecial: This item will be different in every round.

Types of Special Items

FireballFireball: This item will burn up numbing trees, popping flowers and Monster Flowers.
BootsBoots: You can walk on water for a limited period of time when you have these boots.
TornadoTornado: It whirls around and defeats certain enemies that nothing else can hurt.
LightningLightning: You'll be invincible for a limited period of time.
DynamiteDynamite: Use it to blow up a moving wall.
 Wishing Well: Throw one money bag into it and it will replenish your life meter.

Hidden Items

Some items are hidden in the walls and on the ground. If you strike at the right spot with your sword, the item will appear.

RoundHidden ItemWhat to UsePlaceNumber
44-directional iron ballsswordground1
54-directional iron ballsswordwall1
5Wishing Welldynamitewall1
74-directional iron ballsswordwall1
8Wishing Welldynamitewall1
94-directional iron ballsswordwall1

HINT: To help find the exact location of the hidden Wishing Well in Round 5, throw items other than money towards it. You may be able to stir up the angry Goddess who lives in the well, and trick her into revealing its location.

Characters and Score

Enemies, spirits, demons and beasts that you'll meet along the way, and the points and items you'll get if you conquer them:

NameScoreItemSpecial Features
PapiPapi100moneyone money bag turns him into an ally
PupePupe200iron ball2 money bags turn him into an ally
PohPoh300spear4 money bags turn him into an ally
KanabunKanabun20spear (sometimes)none
ChabunChabun200spear (sometimes)none
BiggsBiggs500specialyou can defeat him only with sword or lightning
FukurotokageFukurotokage200iron ballnone
ChankaiChankai200iron ball (sometimes 4-directional)spear will not bring him down
Horned TurtleHorned Turtle300spearyou can defeat it only with a sword
Gao GaoGao Gao5004-directional iron ballsnone
SnakeSnake200iron ballnone
YungaYunga500specialiron ball will not defeat it

Boss Demons

Each level of the labyrinth is inhabited by a different set of monsters, and each level is ruled by a boss Demon. You'll have to defeat the Demon before you can move on to the next round.

Boss DemonScoreHow to Destroy
Monster FlowerMonster Flower (forest scene)1,000sword or fireball
BatBat (underground waterway scene)1,000sword or spear
Masked RabbitMasked Rabbit (desert scene)1,000sword or tornado
WatermanWaterman (marsh scene)1,000sword or spear
Rock LionRock Lion1,000sword or dynamite

Each round is also full of obstacles that block your way and threaten your life. You can destroy these obstacles or try to go around them.

ObstaclesScoreHow to Destroy/Special Features
RanbaikeRanbaike (round 3,5,7,10)1,000Sword or spear. If you defeat Ranbaike, Niño gains one life. Ranbaike's soldiers can be conquered by any weapon except money.
Popping FlowerPopping Flower0Fireball. If it stings you, your life meter decreases. You can pass it when the flower is closed.
Numbing TreeNumbing Tree0Fireball. If it touches you, your life meter decreases.
Ant hillAnt hill (desert)500Small tornado
LadyLady (various scenes)200Tries to kidnap Pupe when he's your ally, or tries to freeze Poh. Weapons can't defeat her; try offering money.

Bonus points for clearing each round: 5,000 points.

A Brief Guide to the Labyrinth


Full of numbing trees and popping flowers which block your path. A fireball will blow them away so you can pass. Don't touch them, or your life meter decreases! Demon: Monster Flower.

Underground Waterway

If you fall in, your life meter decreases. Use a raft to cross. If you pick up a pair of boots along the way, you can walk on water for a while. Demon: The Bat.


Full of flying cactus thorns. It also has the deadly ant hill. Pick up a whirling tornado along the way to defeat your enemies. Demon: The Masked Rabbit.


You'll be walking on what looks like an island ... a small patch of muddy ground surrounded by water. If the waves get to you, your life meter decreases. Pick up lightning and it'll make you invincible to your enemies. Demon: The Waterman.


Watch out for moving, fire-spitting walls. Pick up the dynamite and use it to destroy the moving walls. Demon: Rock Lion.

Phantom Shadows

A dark and misty land, with many dangers. Beware! The shadows are full of Demons: The Monster Flower, The Bat, the Masked Rabbit, The Rock Lion, Ranbaike and the Bird Spirit of Nazca. If you make it through, the gates of Paradise will open before you.

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