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What's Happening

The Year: 2089. A mysterious alien space fleet invades human occupied space. Called the Alien Syndrome™, They are unlike anything mankind has ever encountered. Their ships are as large as cities. They have weapons powerful enough to destroy planets.

With the entire human race threatened, the Alien Syndrome must be stopped.

A battalion of Earth Command Troopers attacks the alien fleet. But they are captured and held hostage. In desperation, Earth Command asks for volunteers to go on a rescue mission.

Only two soldiers are brave enough to step forward. They are Earth Command Troopers RICKY and MARY, the meanest combat troopers in the galaxy!

Armed only with a short range combat rifle, they must infiltrate all seven alien ships, rescue the hostages and escape ... alive!

Getting Started

For a one player game, press Button 1 on Control Pad 1. you will be RICKY .

For a two player game, press Button 1 on Control Pad 2. Player 2 will be MARY, and will take turns with player 1.

When the game begins, you will see this screen:

  1. Alien
  2. Hostage
  3. Countdown Timer
  4. Power Up Weapon

Message Screen

If you press Button 2 during the course of the game, you will see a message screen. This will show you the high score, the number of lives you have left. the number of hostages left to rescue aboard the ship and the number of points you have. The number of hostages will reduce with each one you rescue.

Pressing Button 2 again will get you back into the game.

  1. Countdown timer
  2. The remaining number of RICKY/MARY
  3. The remaining number of hostages

Know Your Friends

The hostages. They are the humans wearing green coveralls. Rescue them by placing your player on top of them. When you have rescued all hostages aboard the ship, an exit door will open, allowing you to fight the Alien Boss.

Know Your Enemies


There are two kinds of aliens in each round, each kind a different color. If they touch your player, you lose a life. They can also shoot at your player. If you are hit you also lose a life.

Aliens can appear anytime ... anywhere ... by flickering into existence. They cannot harm you when they are flickering and you can't shoot them! You are safe even if they appear under your player. But as soon as they become solid they are deadly. If an alien appears under your player, move and get ready to shoot!


You'll find them in every room ... on every ship. They look like round, green, sleeping faces. But get close enough and they shoot to kill! And if You touch one ... you lose a life.

Luckily, they can't move. You can knock them out temporarily with a well placed shot. When hit, Defenders turn gray and become harmless. But after a short while they become active again. Be extra alert when battling groups of aliens. The Defenders can turn the fight against You!

Alien Bosses:

These large and dangerous enemies are the most powerful aliens you will find on each ship. They guard the exit stations. You can't proceed to the next ship unless you defeat the Alien Boss.

Every Alien Boss has a weak spot. The only way to defeat an Alien Boss is to discover it and shoot him there. You will know when you find it. Each time an Alien Boss is hit in a weak spot, his body flashes.

  1. Round 1 Squime
  2. Round 2 Aargh
  3. Round 3 Tacapy
  4. Round 4 Masher
  5. Round 5 Haggah
  6. Round 6 Minosar
  7. Round 7

Upgrading your Weapons

When the aliens captured the Earth Command Troopers, they placed the trooper's weapons in different places throughout the ships. You will find them in the walls. If RICKY or MARY touches the weapon, they have use of it until they get a new weapon or are killed.

  1. FireBall:
    A flame thrower that shoots large bursts of fire! Makes it easier to hit the enemy.
  2. Laser:
    Laser rifle is powerful enough to blast through groups of aliens with one shot!
  3. Smart Bomb:
    Touch this symbol and every alien on the screen will be destroyed.
  4. Warp:
    Getting this symbol will instantly warp you to another part of the alien ship you are in.
  5. Mystery:
    Depending on where vou are in the ship. this symbol will make you temporarily invincible ... or nothing will happen.

If you happen to get [N], your present weapon reverts back to the one that you had originally.

Know the Score

Alien200 points
Defender500 points
Alien Boss (each hit)100 points
Alien Boss Helpers200 points
Hostages Rescued (each)200 points

Bonus Points

At the end of every round you receive bonus points for the time remaining, and for each weapon you took from the wall.

Time Bonus = 100 points for each second remaining.

Weapons Bonus = 200 points for every weapon you pick up.

Oops. Try Again.

You start the game with 3 RICKYs or 3 MARYs. When you lose all your lives, the game is over.

When your score reaches 50,000 points, you get an additional life. After that you receive additional lives for each 10,000 points.

You lose a player when he/she is shot by an alien or defender, or if the player fails to complete the round before the time bomb explodes.

Helpful Hint

See the main page for Alien Syndrome (エイリアン シンドローム / 에이리언 신드롬)

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