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Loading Instructions: Starting Up

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the ALEX Kidd™: THE LOST STARS cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM™ manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge and try insertion again.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Card/Cartridge™

For one player only: Push the START Button on Control Pad 1.

The Kidd Returns!

He's Alex Kidd, the little guy with big ears...and a big taste for adventure!

He's also the Crown Prince of Aries, the Miracle World. When danger threatens, Alex is always there to come to the rescue.

In his last adventure, ALEX KIDD IN MIRACLE WORLD,™ Alex learned of his royal blood as he saved Aries from the tyrannic rule of the evil Janken the Great.

With his father back in place as the rightful King of Aries, Alex left to explore the mysteries of Miracle World...until the twelve stars of the Aries Constellation were stolen from the sky! But why?

Alex climbed to the top of Mount Eternal in search of answers. There he found the ancient wizard Daleda reading an old, magical scroll.

Daleda told him that, over five thousand years ago, a mysterious evil creature called Ziggarat had stolen the same stars from Aries' sky. A noble prince by the name of Halifax Kidd...Alex's ancestor...had journeyed beyond the realm of space and time to defeat Ziggarat and return the stars to the sky. But before Ziggarat fled, it vowed to someday return and finish the dirty deed it had begun!

Now, that day had come. Ziggarat had once again stolen Aries' stars! But to get them back, Alex would have to follow Halifax's footsteps into the unknown.

"Where do I begin?," Alex asked. Daleda smiled, and opened a magic doorway where only air had been before. "To save the stars of the Aries' skies, step through this door between worlds!"

Alex knew that if he failed on his quest, the skies of Aries would forever be cold and dark. There was only one thing to do. He stepped through the door.....

The Lost Stars

You are Alex Kidd. Your first step has taken you into the six other worlds. Here, anything is possible...and everything is strange.

In order to return the stars to the Aries Constellation, you must recover the 12 Miracle Balls in which Ziggarat hid the stars. Two Miracle Balls have been hidden in each of the six worlds.

The problem is, Ziggarat made sure the Miracle Balls were guarded by some very nasty traps and monsters! To get the Miracle Balls, you will have to evade these obstacles.

And to frustrate those who try to stop him, Ziggarat also made sure that if the first 6 Miracle Balls were recovered and set back into the sky, you would have to go back to the very beginning to get the other six stars!

The journey will be long and filled with danger. Are you clever enough to beat the evil plans of Ziggarat?

Taking Control

The functions operated by the Control Pad will change according to which location Alex is in.

On The Ground


Button 1:

Button 2:

In The Water


Button 1:

Button 2:

NOTE: Alex will float only as long as Button 2 is held down.

In The Air


Button 1:

Button 2:


You are Alex Kidd. Your mission is to get back the stars that were stolen from the constellation. To do this, you must recover the twelve miracle balls.

You will receive one miracle ball every time you successfully complete a round. By completing the first six rounds, you will return half of the starlight to the sky.

If you complete the last six rounds, then all the stars will once again shine over the Miracle World City of Radactian.

End of the Game

Alex Kidd™: The Lost Stars is a metered game. The game ends when your life meter, located at the top of the screen, turns completely white.

As long as your life meter is red you can continue playing, no matter how many Alexes you lose!

If you make it through a round with red remaining in your life meter, your meter is increased in the next round.

Continuing Play

If your life meter turns white before you return the stars to the sky, the SEGA MASTERS have given you a way to continue your adventure.

When the Continue screen appears, use the D-Button to select CONTINUE and press Button 1 or Button 2.

Your game will resume at the beginning of the round you finished in.

Getting Started

To begin a game of Alex Kidd™: The Lost Stars, press Button 1 or Button 2.

In the course of the game, you will see this information on the screen:


The main object of Alex Kidd™: The Lost Stars is to clear all twelve rounds. So clearing a round is more important than getting a higher score.

The score screen appears at the end of each round:

You receive a bonus at the end of each round. The bonus depends on how much of your life meter you have left...the more life meter, the higher the score.

If you can clear all the rounds and still get a high score, then you are indeed a SEGA super player!

Special Stars

From time to time, special stars that will help you get through each round will appear.

JJump Star: If you catch this star, you'll be able to jump higher and farther...for a limited amount of time.
SCloud Shot: Get this star and you'll be able to shoot at creatures you see in the rounds by pressing Button 1. The number of shots you have will be shown in the upper left comer of the screen.
USUltra Shot: This will give you even more cloud shots to use.
SCSeconds: Capture this star and precious time will be added to your life meter.
?Item Alert: This symbol means that there is a special item nearby. Jumping or shooting will reveal it. Place Alex over these items to claim them for more points.

Special Items

Money 1,000 points

Mirror 1,000 points

Present 1,000 points

Puppet Clown 1,000 points

Knuckle 1,000 point

The Six Magical Worlds

When the stars were stolen from the constellation, two each were hidden in seven different worlds. But because of the way they were hidden, Alex must go through each world twice...and journey twice into space return all the stars to the sky.

Each world has its own special fun, beauty...and danger! As Alex Kidd, you must decide when to run and jump, when to shoot, and maybe even when to stand still!

At the end of each round there will be a dangerous obstacle or big creature you will have to evade to end the round. Strategy and timing will be your only way out!

Toy World (Rounds 1 & 8)

Toy World is bright, colorful...and deceptively dangerous! As you climb and jump across the moving blocks and dominoes, be careful or you'll fall into a bottomless pit! Try using the trolley car wire for transportation. And watch out for the card soldiers, the bark of the toy puppy and the trumpet playing Tin Toy bear! If you are hit by the musical notes from his trumpet, you'll lose part of your life meter.

Machine World (Rounds 2 & 9)

Welcome to Machine World, where moving sidewalks lure you to nasty, poking fingers and robots bent on your destruction! Think fast and you'll be able to swing across the pit. But watch out for the Electric Barriers, or you'll be in for a big shock!

World of Make Believe (Rounds 3 & 10)

It's one of the strangest worlds ever seen! But if you don't jump fast and shoot straight, the comical and dangerous creatures of this world will become all too real. Watch out for the one-eyed fox!

Water World (Rounds 4 & 11)

Take Alex for a suspense-filled swim with fins and a snorkel! Ugly fish, depth charges and electric eels will all try to send you to the briny deep. But to clear this round you'll have to beat the stinging jellyfish and her children!

Monster World (Rounds 5 & 12)

Get ready for a really good scare! All sorts of terrifying creatures are ready to block your way. But you better "jump" to it if you want to get past the fire-spitting volcano!

The Giant's Body (Rounds 6 & 13)

If you don't make it through this round, you'll end up as the giant's lunch! You must travel through the mouth and down to the stomach, without touching the slimy gastric juices. Before you get out, you'll have to evade the white blood cells. They are hungry too...for you!

The Shrine of Jiggurat (Rounds 7 & 14)

These rounds will take you beyond the boundaries of the planet Aries...deep into outer space! Without gravity, your jumps will be twice as be careful where you land. Each time you make it to the shrine of Jiggarat, six Miracle Balls will be released into the sky, returning half the starlight of the constellation.

If you clear the 14th round, all the stars of constellation will be returned and the good people of Aries will once again enjoy the beauty of starlight!

Helpful Hints



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