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Journey through the planet Aries to the beautiful City of Radactian – and save it from the evil Janken the Great.

What's Happening

Many centuries ago, on the planet Aries, there lived a boy name ALEX KIDD. For seven years he lived on Mt. Eternal studying Shellcore, an ancient art that makes one strong enough to break rocks into pieces.

One day, as he was leaving the mountain for his spiritual homeland, he encountered a dying man who told him that the peaceful city of Radactian was in grave danger. Before taking his last breath, the man gave ALEX a piece of a map and a medallion made of Sun Stone.

What does it all mean? The only way to find out is to journey through the Miracle World looking for the answers.

The Eleven Locations in The Miracle World

There are eleven different locations in The Miracle World through which you and Alex must travel. Each location hold its own special beauty. And its own unique dangers. So be prepared. For anything.


Alex Kidd: Main Map
  1. Mt. Eternal
  2. Lake Fathom
  3. The Island of St. Nurari
  4. The Village of Namui
  5. Mt. Kave
  6. The Blakwoods
  7. Bingoo Lowland
  8. The Radactian Castle
  9. The City of Radactian
  10. The Kingdom of Nibana
  11. Cragg Lake

Taking Control

The following illustration shows you the control points on your SEGA SYSTEM control pad. Throughout the instruction book we will refer to these controls by the names indicated in this illustration.

SMS Control Pad

press the RIGHT or LEFT ARROW

press the DOWN ARROW

press BUTTON 1

press BUTTON 1 and BUTTON 2 simultaneously

quickly press the DOWN ARROW while moving LEFT or RIGHT

press BUTTON 2

Who's Who

You're ALEX. The shellcore master in the red overalls.

Your family and friends include: King Thunder, Alex's real father: Saint Nurari, Alex's spiritual father; Patricia, Alex's mother; Egle, Alex's twin brother; High Stone, King of Nibana and Princess Lora, Egle's fiancee. At times, you can summon these people to help you.

AlexKing ThunderSaint NurariPatriciaEgleHigh StonePrincess Lora

You'll soon find out that Janken the Great, Emperor of planet Janbarik is your enemy. His plan is to invade the beautiful City of Radactian and rule it forever.

Janken the Great got his name from his expertise at the game of Janken -- better known in the western world as the scissors, paper, stone game.

Like all evil leaders, Janken the Great has an army of devoted followers including Parplin the Pursuer, Chokkinna the Sly and Gooseka the Slippery. Plus, Janken also has many helpers from the animal world – such as a monstrous bird, a sea horse, a bat, a monkey, a frog and a host of others.

Janken the GreatParplinChokkinnaGooseka

In order for you to keep Janken the Great from taking over Radactian, you must journey through the Miracle World, defeating Janken and his followers as you go.

What's What

The Stone Blocks

The Miracle World is built from millions of rocklike blocks. Hence the importance of an art like Shellcore.

You must use Alex's Shellcore skills to destroy the blocks and move through them. But be warned. All blocks are not breakable.

NOTE: In each loaction the blocks that can't be destroyed are different colors. To find which one can't be destroyed, press BUTTON 2.

The Treasures

There are five treasures that you will find at various points along the way. These treasures will help bring peace to Radactian and their roles will be revealed as the game progresses.

The treasures are:

The Sun Stone MedallionThe Moonlight Stone MedallionThe Gold CrownThe Hirotta StoneA personal letter to the kingdom of Nibana

The Boxes

As Alex travels through the Miracle World he will discover several strange boxes. Each box has different contents – and different powers. Some are beneficial. Others are quite dangerous.

Here's what's inside each of the boxes:

The Bags of Gold Coins – The big bag contains 20U. The small one has 10U. (U is the currency exchange unit on the planet Aries.)

Alex Kidd: Bags of Gold Coins

The powerful Bracelet – Use it to perform the "The Shocking Waves of Destruction" trick. (See The Power Bracelet, page 12.)

Alex Kidd: Extra Life

Alex Kidd – Get an extra life.

The Ghost – He'll try to possess you. So get away from him.

The Box of a Skull – It'll make Alex get the jitters.

Alex Kidd: Skull Box

The Box in Pink – Inside lies an important secret.

Alex Kidd: Pink Box

The Skull's Box in Pink – Just jump over this one. Or a ghost will come out and get you.

Alex Kidd: Pink Skull Box

The Telepathy Ball

This miraculous ball lets you know what other people are thinking. It is very valuable to you. Especially when you're playing the scissors/paper/stone game.

Alex Kidd: Telepathy Ball

The Shop

Whenever you see the shop, don't miss the opportunity to purchase a few items. The shop contains many useful things you can buy with the money you collected from the Bag of Gold Coins box.

Here's how to enter the shop: Using the ARROWS, move ALEX directly in front of the entrance to the shop.

How to buy an item in the shop: By pressing BUTTON 1, jump up and touch the item you want.

What You Can Buy In The Shop

Teleport Powder – 100U
This magic powder makes you invisible to the enemy. So you can maneuver right through them. But remember: Its magic only lasts a short time.

Alex Kidd: Teleport Powder

The Power Bracelet – 100U
Use this bracelet to create "The Shocking Waves of Destruction," a powerful ancient trick in the art of Shellcore. NOTE: The bracelet will disappear when you lose a life or when you enter a new location. Also, the bracelet can't be used in the water.

Alex Kidd: Power Bracelet

Alex Kidd – 500U
You can actually buy yourself another life.

Alex Kidd: Alex Kidd

The Cane of Flight – 120U
This cane give you so much psychic power that you can actually fly for a limited amount of time.

Alex Kidd: Cane of Flight

The Magic Capsule A – 100U
When you need help badly, throw this capsule and eight of your friends will magically appear.

Alex Kidd: Magic Capsule A

The Magic Capsule B – 120U
Throw this capsule, and a barrier will surround you to protect you from enemies.

Alex Kidd: Magic Capsule B

Sukopako Motorcycle – 200U
Not only is it fast. It can also break rocks. But it can't go in water. And it can't go in reverse.

To accelerate the motorcycle – press the RIGHT ARROW.

To slow down – press the LEFT ARROW.

To jump – press BUTTON 1.

Alex Kidd: Sukopako Motorcycle

Peticopter – 200U
It's like a helicopter that's equippped with a missile.

To pilot the helicopter – use the ARROWS.

To accelerate – press BUTTON 1.

To fire a missile – press BUTTON 2.

Alex Kidd: Peticopter

NOTE: Any items purchased in the shop cannot be used in the water.

The Suisui Boat

When you get to the river, you'll see a special speedboat you can used to cross the water.

To accelerate the speedboat – use the RIGHT ARROW.

To slow down the speedboat – use the LEFT ARROW.

To fire the speedboat – press BUTTON 2.

NOTE: In this river location, the blocks you can't destroy are red.

A Game Within The Game

Whenever you encounter Janken or one of his followers, they will challenge you to three games of scissors/paper/stone.

Here's how it works: Paper is stronger than stone, but weaker than scissors. The scissors are stronger than paper, but weaker than stone. The stone is stronger than scissors, but weaker than paper.

You and your opponent simultaneously choose one of the three (scissors, paper or stone).

Whoever has made the stronger selection, wins.

To make your selection (stone, scissors or paper): Use the ARROWS to point the white arrow to the desired object while the music is still playing.

To start the next game: Press the START button.

If you lose two of the three games, ALEX will turn into a stone and lose a life.

If you win at least two of the games, you will go on to the next location.

Keeping Track of Things

Because there are so many locations in The Miracle World and so many things that you will either pick up or buy, you'll need a way to keep track of it all. That's why you have access to a subscreen that gives all this information in a flash.

To bring up the subscreen. Press the PAUSE button.

What you'll find:

Alex Kidd: Inventory Screen

To select an item from the subscreen:

Point the white arrow to the item using the ARROWS and press the START BUTTON. Then, to return to the location screen with your selected item, press the PAUSE button.

NOTE: You can't access the subscreen when you are in the shop or when you are playing a game of scissors/paper/stone.

Oops. Try Again

At the beginning of each game you get three lives. When you lose all of them, the game is over.

There are two ways in which you can lose a life:

  1. You are attacked by the enemy.
  2. You lose two out of three scissors/paper/stone games to Janken.

NOTE: You can get an additional life by buying it at The Shop.

Know The Score

The points you earn for defeating different enemies are added together to produce you final score.

Here's what earns what:


MONSTER BIRD200 points
MONSTER FROG200 points
SCORPION200 points
FLYING FISH200 points
ROLLING ROCK200 points
BAT200 points
MONKEY400 points
HOPPER400 points
KILLER FISH400 points
SEA HORSE400 points
MERMAN600 points
OX600 points
GRIZZLY BEAR800 points
RICE BALL1,000 points
OCTOPUS4,200 points
JANKEN THE GREAT10,000 points

Helpful Hints

Timing is everything when jumping and punching.

Grab as many bags of coins as you can. That way you'll be able to buy lots of helpful items at The Shop.

Be sure to eat the RICE BALL at the end of each location. It'll give you energy. And it's worth 1,000 points.

Don't try to attack the FLAME. It's invincible. Just avoid it all costs.

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