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You're Alex Kidd, the crown prince of the planet Radacitian. You are known by various titles; such as hero, allround radical dude and the little guy with big ears! But when all this hero stuff is said and done, you are still a kidd at heart.

Thats why you got all excited when your sometimes friend Paul told you about the wildest new video arcade, High-Tech World. It wasnt to far away just through the forest and past the village. After Paul told you about the mew games and cool stuff there, he mentioned something about a map with guaranteed directions. The problem was, the map had been torn ut into eight pieces and hidden in different parts of the castle! Who did it? Paul of course. He is sometimes a very big rat!

What the heck its just another challange for the kidd! You must find the eight pieces of the map, get through the forest, find a travel pass and get through the village to the arcade before it closes at 17:00 (5:00 p.m.). What? Its 9.00 a.m. now? Time to jam! Get started now cause every minute counts!

Taking control

The Alex Kidd: High-Tech World game takes place in two diffrent formats: Adventure Scenes and Action Scenes. The Control Pad works diffrently for each type of scene.

Adventure Scenes

Castle and Village

Action Scenes

The Forest


The object of Alex Kidd: High-Tech World is to get to the High-Tech World arcade before it closes at 17:00 (5:00 p.m.). To do this you must accomplish three tasks:

The End of The Game

You begin the game with one life. If this life is lost, the game ends. You can lose the life in the castle or town by misadventure.

A life can be lost in the forest if you are hit by ninja shuriken or fall into the water.

The game automatically ends when the timer reaches 17:00 (5:00 p.m.).

But If you make it out of the castle, you can continue the game at the beginning of the area in which the life was lost by selecting RESUME.

Getting started

There are two ways to start the game: starting from the beginning and starting by using a password. The options are presented when you press either Button 1 or Button 2 during the title screen.

Make your selection with the D-button and press Button 2 to confirm.

Note: When the game ends in the forest or in town, the following screen will display the START/RESUME selection. Choosing RESUME without first powering down the game will place you at the beginning of the forest scene without having to enter the password

Entering Passwords

You receive a password when you exit the castle. To use the password to get back into the game, select RESUME A GAME and press Button 2. You will then see the password Entry scene

Use the D-button to select the appropriate symbols by moving UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. Press Button 2 to enter them, or press Button 1 to cancel symbols. If the password you entered is not correct, you will get the message "WRONG" and you will be returned to the starting screen. If this happens check your password before reentering.

When the password is entered correctly, the game will restart at the beginning of the forest.

In Alex's Castle

In the castle you must find the eight pieces to the map Alex needs to get to the arcade. The pieces are scattered all over the castle in the most unlikely places.

To find the map, get information by talking with the people you see in the castle. Often they will give you clues!

Remember the game will end if you get trapped by the little tricks every castle contains!

Map screen

When in the castle, press Button 1 to call up the map screen. The map screen gives you important information about your progress in the game.

Shows what items you have found.
Current position
Shows exactly where you are in the castle.
Map to castle
Shows how many pieces of the map you currently have.
Shows what time it is. Remember: You have until 17:00 (5:00 p.m.) to get to the arcade

Getting around

In the castle you must climb up and down stairs and ladders, and enter rooms.

To climb the stairs
Place Alex in front of the stairs and press UP on the D-button.
To climb down stairs
Place Alex in front of the handrail and press DOWN to go down the stairs.
To climb up or down ladders
Place Alex in front of the ladder and press the D-button UP or DOWN to make him climb.
To enter a room
Place Alex in front of the doors and press UP on the D-button.

Note: The clock advances five minutes every time you enter a room.

Inside rooms:

When you enter a room, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen. Press Button 2 to advance the message or to continue conversations with people in the room.

Investigating items

If you want to know more information about something you see in a room or hallway, move Alex front of the object and press the D-button UP. Read the message at the bottom of the screen and use the D-Button to select options as necessary.


Even Crown Princes have to go to school! Mary the governess is also the castle schoolteacher. And surprise today is the day of a big test! Use the D-Button to select what you think are the right answers in this multiple choice and use Button 2 to confirm them. If you get them right, maybe Mary will help you! If not lets just say that Mary can be a hard teacher!

In the forest

After the castle, Alex must make his way through the forest to the town. The forest is filled with blue Ninjas all waiting to take a shot at Alex with their throwing stars!

If Alex is touched by a Ninja or hit by their throwing stars, the game ends. But Alex has the power to fight back. No prince in his right mind travels through Ninja infested wood without his own Throwing stars! Press Button 1to throw the stars, and Button 2 to jump.


There are many Gold Point coins scattered throughout the forest. Collect the coins by touching them with Alex. The more coins you have, the more things you will be able to buy in town.

The village

In order to get to the town where high-tech world is, you need a Travel Pass. You can get it in the Village if you're smart enough to find it!

As you talk with the village people, make purchases and sell goods, youll get clues on how to get a Travel Pass.

If you get close enough to people in the shops, you'll be able to talk to them. To select merchandise, use the D-button. Confirm your purchases with Button 2.

In town, you can keep track of your possessions by pressing Button 1. Pressing Button 1 again will return you to the game.

Note: As with the castle, entering shops and doorways will advance the clock 5 minutes.

The checkpoint

If you make it through the checkpoint, youve won the game! But you cant get through unless you have a Travel Pass.

Some people you should know

Alex Kidd
Hero, Crown prince, and a good little guy with big ears! He wants to go to the High-tech world arcade!
Alex's Papa
A carefree Lord. He is sometimes a little absentminded!
Alex's Mama
A nice little lady. But dont get in the way or shell get mad!
He's the castle retainer. When its chilly, he burns things to stay warm.
She's a court lady who likes to read and bake!
The library guard. Johns likable fellow who can help you If you know what you are looking for.
Alex's good friend and advisor. He often gives good advice.
The castle governess and school teacher. Its test time, Alex!
The rascal who tore up the map! He's a good friend, sometimes and a real rat at others!
The gate guard. Hes Alex's good friend, but he obeys the Kings word and keeps the gates closed.
Tom and Mark
They only show up at break time. But where and when?
Alex's pet dog, of course!

Helpful Hints

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