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Flight Manual/Mission File

You're an ace fighter pilot. For wings you have an F-14 Thunder Cat, the most advanced fighter jet ever developed.

In the sky, you are the perfect combination of man and machine. It's been said you're the best...and you'll have to be. Because in this mission all odds are against you.

The country's freedom depends on your success. Good luck.

Mission Profile

THE TIME: The present. LOCATION: Aboard the aircraft carrier SEGA ENTERPRISE, somewhere at sea.

You're a Navy air captain...with the fastest, meanest set of wings ever to hit the skies. You fly an F-14 Thunder Cat, the perfect mix of man and machine.

You supply the skill, reflexes and guts. Your Thunder Cat supplies the Mach 2+ speed, unlimited firepower and a state-of-the-art battle computer which targets your enemies.

When it comes to flying the unfriendly skies, you're the one they call "The Ace."



The enemy has developed a strategy that will help them conquer the free world. This "plan" is so secret that it was divided into two parts and hidden in different parts of their country.

Naval Intelligence has discovered the locations and are ready to deliver them. But they need you to get the plans out. You must launch from the deck of the SEGA ENTERPRISE and battle your way to the two locations.

Your flight pattern is already programmed into the battle computer. Your F-14 Thunder Cat has been armed with air-to-air guided missiles and a Vulcan 20 mm cannon.

Fuel tankers are in place to refuel you in the air...if you make it that far.

The enemy knows you are coming...and they're prepared. Only a pilot with your experience has any hope of success.

Enemy aircraft have been sighted on radar! It's time to SCRAMBLE! Good luck. The fate of the free world depends on your success.

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-f14.png F-14 Thunder Cat
Speed: Mach 2+

Learning To Fly

Your SEGA CONTROL PAD will give you much the same flight and firepower control as a real F-14's control stick.

What you will see in the course of your mission will be the F-14 Thunder Cat and the view the way a fighter pilot would see it from the cockpit. Since even a slight movement of your Control Pad will change the position of your Thunder Cat, every turn or loop you make will shift the horizon line. To survive enemy fire, you'll have to learn how to pilot your jet as if you were learning to fly a real jet.

SMS Control Pad



Button #1

To shoot air-to-air guided missiles

Button #2

To fire the Vulcan Cannon

When left to itself, the battle computer will either assume or return the F-14 Thunder Cat to a horizontal flying position.

To Make the F-14 Thunder Cat Roll:

When flying sideways, turn the D-Button to the LEFT or RIGHT and then immediatly in the opposite direction. The Thunder Cat will make one complete rotation. Practice this technique until it becomes second nature.

The Object:

The object of After Burner is to complete 18 stages of aerial combat, meet the trucks at each landing field to obtain the plans, and return safely to the aircraft carrier SEGA ENTERPRISE.

End of the Game:

You start After Burner with three F-14 Thunder Cats. If your jet is hit by and enemy missile and explodes or falls to the ground, you lose that jet. Another will take its place so you can resume combat in the air.

You get additional jets when your score reaches 5,000,000 points and 15,000,000 points.

The game ends when you have lost all your jets.

Starting the Game

To start After Burner, press Button #1 or #2 on the Control Pad. The game begins with your F-14 Thunder Cat taking off from the deck of the SEGA ENTERPRISE.

When you reach the designated altitude, you will see the following screen:


Showing what STAGE you are in, how many jets you have left and your SCORE. You will see this screen at the beginning of every stage.

Head-up Display

The H.U.D. (Head-up Display) screen will be in place whenever you are in flight. It shows you where to aim and from which direction the enemy is coming.


The white radar frame in the upper right hand corner indicates the full game screen you see at any given moment. Enemy aircraft appear as red blips in the radar. The horizontal line is the position of your wings against the horion.

Red blips that appear outside the white frame, indicate that enemy aircraft are approaching you from the side. Put these planes in your gunsights by turning toward their direction. When blips enter the white radar frame, itmeans that they are approaching your F-14 head on.

Weapons Systems

The enemy aircraft attack by flying directly at you, firing air-to-air missiles. These can be dodged by flying upside down, by rolling or by flying out of their path. Enemy aircraft and missiles can also be shot from the sky with your weapons systems.

Vulcan Cannon

The Vulcan is a 20 mm rapid fire cannon. It can fire an unlimited number of shells. To aim, use the small firing sight in your screen. When the enemy is close enough, line the sight up with the aircraft and press Button #2.

Air-to-Air Guided Missiles

When enemy aircraft approach you, you will see a larger gunsight appear on the H.U.D.. This sight automatically locks on to the enemy. Fire missiles by pressing Button #1. In this mode, the missile will home in on the enemy plane and blast it from the air.

However, enemy aircraft can escape your missiles even when you are locked on. If you let them leave the game screen, or if the enemy is too close when you fire, the missiles will pass them by. Air-to-air missiles are extremely effective...if your timing is right.

Know the Enemy

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-inter.png Interceptor:
Supersonic Fighter

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-dragn.png Dragonfly:
Class 1 Fighter

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-stoll.png V/Stoll:
Harrier Class Jump Jet

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-bmax.png Bearmax:
High Altitude Helicopter Gunship

Attach:AfterBurner-SMS-US-grant.png Grantanoff TU-1000:
The Flying Fortress


Refueling in the Air

When you reach a designated refueling sight, a Naval fuel tanker will wing in above you. If you dock by guiding the refueling pipe to your Vulcan cannon gunsight with the D-Button and pressing Button #1 or #2, you will receive bonus points. Refueling takes eight seconds. Failing to dock will result in loss of the bonus points, although you'll still be able to fly and fight.


Combat with the Grantanoff Flying Fortresses

You receive higher bonus scores when you shoot down a Flying Fortress. They are your toughest opponent. You can't shoot them down with the Vulcan cannon. The best strategy for attack is to aim for the missile pylons, which are hidden in three places under the wings. If you can hit this spot with a missile, the Flying Fortress will go down in flames.

Take your time. There is no time limit to the bonus stage. If you succeed in destroying the Flying Fortress, your battle computer will land you at an enemy air base...where a truck will meet you on the landing strip.

Mission Complete

If you make it through stage 18, your F-14 Thunder Cat will return to the SEGA ENTERPRISE. Again, your battle computer will bring you in for a safe landing. When you are safely on the ground, the words "MISSION COMPLETE" will appear on the screen.

Take some R & R. See the sights of the world. You've just made it through the toughest air battle any sky jockey has ever fought!

Know the Score

Enemy Aircraft.....2,500 points
Flying Missiles.....800 points

Bonus Points

You receive bonus points for successfully docking with the refueling tanker and for shooting down a Flying Fortress.

Bonus Points = (total number of enemy aircraft shot down in the previous three stages) x 20,000 points.

Continuing Play

If the game ends before you can finish your mission, the SEGA Flight Engineers have made it possible for you to rise from the ashes and fight again!

When the message GAME OVER appears on the screen, push the D-Button UP and press Buttons #1 and #2 at the same time. You will resume combat where you left off, but your score will start from zero.

You can use the continue feature three times.

Helpful Hints

To survive aerial combat, learn how to maneuver your F-14 Thunder Cat. If you can roll your jet, you'll be able to dodge anything they throw at you.

Some of the enemy will fire on you almost before you see them. Unless you dodge fast, you'll be shot down.

Bonus points are the fastest way to get additional F-14's. Take your time and try to defeat the Flying Fortresses.

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