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Take the motorcycle from "Hang On," equip it with hi-tech weaponry and give it the ability to transform itself into an aircraft or car – and you've got ACTION FIGHTER!

What's Happening

You are the Super Rider, attempting to carry out five sets of instructions. This is done in five rounds, one set per round.

You will encounter both air and ground battles. Thus, your vehicle can alternately become an aircraft, a car or a motorcycle.

When the game begins, the timer starts counting down from 999. As long as there is time remaining, play can be continued even if your vehicle is repeatedly destroyed. When the time is up, play continues until your reserve supply of vehicles has been depleted.

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to carry out as many missions as possible while avoiding enemy fire. These missions entails collecting various items on screen and destroying enemy vehicles. Also, try to increase your score, as this can build up your supply of vehicles.

THE GAME ENDS when the timer runs out and all of your vehicles have been destroyed. The game will also end when you have successfully completed all five rounds/missions.

Your Vehicle

You'll begin the game with a high-performance motorcycle.

Collecting the following four parts will automatically transform your motorcycle into a car:

  1. Right front section
  2. Left front section
  3. Right rear section
  4. Left rear section

The resulting car is a twin supercharger equipped with a gun that fires two projectiles simultaneously.

Collecting the following two parts will automatically transform your car into an airborne vehicle:

  1. Right turbojet engine
  2. Left turbojet engine

The resulting aircraft is a twin supercharger car made airborne by two turbojet engines.

WHENEVER THESE PARTS APPEAR ON THE ROAD, BE SURE TO PICK THEM UP. To do so, have your vehicle touch them when they appear. Once collected, each part will appear on the right side of the screen.

As soon as the required parts have been collected, the automatic transformation occurs. Thereafter, you can transform back and forth between motorcycle and car by simultaneously pressing Buttons 1 and 2 on the control pad, during a ground battle. However, once your ground vehicle has transformed into an air vehicle, you will remain airborne until the round ends.

Enemy Vehicles

On The Ground

PEE-POO 1000 (Ambulance)200 points
NEW MASTER150 points
SEGA VIP 9000500 points
FERDINANDO FX (High-speed car)200 points
ROLANT MARK II R (Helicopter; attacks your ground machine from above; equipped with ground torpedo)700 points
HELPER (Rescue boat)300 points
COSTERO TWIN (Sidecar)350 points
ABBOT TS-5150 points
ARK 69 (PT boat)250 points
CORZA (Car)250 points
SCORPION (Whippet tank)300 points

In The Air

Action Fighter: Air Vehicles
ROLAND MARK II (Helicopter)200 points
BACKFIRE A-4 (Jet Fighter)150 points
HUMAN RIDER (Man-powered hang glider)50 points
HAWK LCM (Guided Missile)200 points
GASH IV (Jet Spaceship)300 points

How To Start The Game

Loaded properly, the title screen will appear when the power base is switched ON.

For a one-player game, press the start button on the control pad plugged into port 1.

For a two-player game, press the start button on the control pad plugged into port 2. Player 1 begins the game first. Each time his vehicle is downed, player 2 takes a turn. Highest score wins.

Name Entry

After selecting a one or two-player game, the name entry screen will appear.

  1. Think up a name for your vehicle. (Maximum of eight characters.)
  2. Move the arrow to select each character by using the Directional Button.
  3. When the arrow arrives at each selected character, enter it by pressing the start button.
  4. To correct (delete) a character, bring the arrow to B.S., and press the start button.
  5. To put a space between characters, bring the arrow to SKIP, and press the start button.
  6. When the final character has been entered, bring the arrow to END, and press the start button.

Mission Briefing

Consider each round as a separate mission. Before you begin each round, your instructions for that particular mission will be displayed on screen. Read them carefully and then press the start button.

Round 1:Destroy the three attack submarines, "CLARKEN."
Round 2:Destroy the six missile tanks, "BAROMET."
Round 4:Destroy the six anti-aircraft tanks, "SPHINX."

Each time you successfully complete a mission, a message will appear on screen. You may now go to the next round.

The game always begins at Round 1.

A greater effort is required with each ensuing round.

Using The Control Pad

SMS Control Pad

Apply pressure to the top, bottom, right or left side of this button:

Buttons 1 and 2 act as start buttons, whenever called for in this manual.

They are also used as fire buttons for several different weapons, depending on the situation:

Your PositionEnemy PositionButtonAction
AIRAIR2"Shoot" button, regular missiles.
AIRGROUND1Fires Air-to-Ground missile.*
GROUNDGROUND2"Shoot" button, regular missiles.
GROUNDAIR1Fires Auto-Missile (can only be used against helicopter. Projectile will automatically hit helicopter.)**

*When you are airborne, and want to fire the Air-to-Ground missile, first set your sight on the ground enemy you want to hit, then press Button 1.

**An Auto-Missile may be used only after docking with the Sega Truck at least two times. (See section that follows.)

To transform your vehicle (after the initial transformation has occurred), simultaneously press Buttons 1 and 2.

The Sega Truck

From time to time, the Sega Truck will appear on the road. By properly connecting or "docking" with this truck, your vehicle will earn extra capabilities.

To connect with the Sega Truck, approach it from behind and make contact with its rear section.

The first docking will give you the ability of firing two missiles simultaneously, whenever you press Button 2.

The second and third docking gives the above benefit and also activates your Auto-Missile. The Auto-Missile can only be used against the helicopter, and it is to be fired from your ground vehicle. Press Button 1 to fire.

When your vehicle is destroyed, the number of successful dockings is cancelled, reverting back to zero.

When three dockings have been made, your vehicle will flash and become invincible for 15 seconds.

Power-Up Parts

In the air, five different Power-Up parts appear. Capturing them results in the following:

P(Yellow).....Earns you missiles
P(White).....Enables your craft to move faster.
P(Green).....Clears the on-screen enemy machines.
P(Brown).....A motorcycle is added to your reserves.
P(Blue).....Your vehicle becomes invincible for approximately 20 seconds.

To pick up a Power-up part, simply have your vehicle touch them when they appear.


Your vehicle will crash in the following ways:

Scoring And Bonuses

Points are awarded when enemy vehicles are destroyed. See "Enemy Vehicles" for point values.

Bonus points are awarded at the end of each round:

Round 1.....5,000 points
Round 2.....10,000 points
Round 3.....TOP SECRET
Round 4.....100,000 points
Round 5.....TOP SECRET

A motorcycle is added to your reserves whenever you reach the following points:


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