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Latest version

 Sega Master System / Sega Mark III Japanese games list
 by Omar Cornut (Bock) & contributors                           Version 1.13
 omar @ miracleworld DOT net                              Started 2001/08/16
 http://www.smspower.org                             Last Updated 2010/03/21
 Last version at:
 Also see other Sega 8-bit lists at:

 This list should be pretty much complete.
 Please contact me if you have any suggestions or informations.

 Sega Master System was introduced in Japan with Out Run (G-1326), the
 first game supporting FM. Earlier games only have the "Mark III" mention,
 while later games have both "Mark III" and "Master System" mentions.
 Sources and contributors:
  - Sega Hard Museum, Casiopea / Bto8, Joseph, Nakat, Nofu / Sukasega, 
    Segabito, Sega Mark III Web Page, Yone, etc...
 Contact me if you think you're missing from this list.

 In notes field:
        FM      Game supports FM (optional).
        PAD     Game needs Paddle Control.
        (PAD)   Game supports Paddle Control (optional).
        3D      Game needs 3-D Glasses.
        SP      Game needs Sports Pad.


 Version 1.00   Original release.
 Version 1.01   Fixes.
 Version 1.02   Fixes.
 Version 1.03   Added notes field.
 Version 1.04   Added release dates.
                Moved "Great Ice Hockey" to a special category.
                Various minor modifications, fixes.
                Added notes about "Enduro Racer" stripped down overseas release.
                Renamed "Blade Eagle 3D" to "Blade Eagle".
                Renamed "Double Target" to "Double Target Cynthia no Nemuri".
                Renamed "Pit Pot" to "Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot".
                Renamed "Machine Gun Joe" to "Comical Machine Gun Joe".
                Renamed "The Pro Yakyuu" to "The Pro Yakyuu Penant Race".
                Renamed "Zillion 2: Tri Formation" to "Tri Formation".
 Version 1.05   Renamed "The Pro Yakyuu Penant Race" to "The Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race".
                Renamed "Seyshuin Scandal" to "Seishun Scandal".
                Renamed "Double Target Cynthia no Nemuri" to "Double Target: Cynthia no Nemuri".
                Renamed "Woody Pop" to "Woody Pop: Shinjinrui no Block Kuzushi".
 Version 1.06   Renamed "High School Kimengumi" to "High School! Kimengumi".
                Various minor modifications, fixes.
                Fixed some overseas version names.
 Version 1.10   Updated naming convention. Unless specified by the game, "Game: Subtitle" becomes "Game - Subtitle". "Title (The)" now becomes "Title, The".
                Renamed "Alex Kidd BMX Trial" to "BMX Trial - Alex Kidd".
                Renamed "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" to "Alex Kidd no Miracle World" (we're dealing with Japanese names here!).
                Renamed "Alex Kidd The Lost Stars" to "Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars".
                Renamed "Fantasy Zone 2" to "Fantasy Zone II - Opa Opa no Namida".
                Renamed "Doki Doki Penguin Land" to "Doki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu-Daibouken".
                Renamed "Sukeban Deka 2" to "Sukeban Deka II - Shojou Tekkamen Densetsu".
                Fixed some overseas version names.
 Version 1.11   Renamed "Loretta no Shouzzou" to "Loretta no Shouzou".
                Renamed "Sukeban Deka II - Shojou Tekkamen Densetsu" to "Sukeban Deka II - Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu".
                Fixed 'SP' note next to "Great Ice Hockey" (I incorrectly typed 'PAD' before).
 Version 1.12   Added "Others" section, with "Asunde Manabu Koutsuu Rule", "Choplifter" and "EP-MyCard".
                Renamed "Argos no ju-jiken" to "Argos no Juujiken".
                Renamed "Borgman" to "Chouon Senshi Borgman".
                Renamed "Solomon no Kagi" to "Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida" (Solomon's Key - Tears of Princess Lihita". 
 Version 1.13   Renamed "Hokutonoken" to "Hokuto no Ken".
                Renamed "Doki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu-Daibouken" to "Doki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu Daibouken".
                Renamed "Nekyuu Koushien" to "Nekkyuu Koushien".
                Added name and reference for "Game de check! Koutsuu Anzen".

 My Cards (Red)
 ID      Name                                       Date      Notes     Overseas version
 C-501   Teddy Boy Blues                            85.10.20  -         Teddy Boy
 C-502   Hang On                                    85.10.20  -         Hang On
 C-503   Astro Flash                                85.12.22  -         TransBot (world), Nuclear Creature (brasil)
 C-504   Great Soccer                               85.10.27  -         Great Soccer
 C-505   Great Baseball                             85.12.15  -         -
 C-506   Satellite 7                                85.12.20  -         -
 C-507   Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot                  85.12.14  -         Astro Warrior / Pit Pot
 C-508   F-16 Fighting Falcon                       85.12.22  -         F-16 Fighter, F-16 Fighting Falcon
 C-510   Seishun Scandal                            86.01.31  -         My Hero (world), Gang's Fighter (brasil)
 C-511   Comical Machine Gun Joe                    86.04.21  -         -
 C-512   Ghost House                                86.04.21  -         Ghost House
 C-514   Spy vs Spy                                 86.09.20  -         Spy vs Spy
 C-515   Great Tennis / Super Tennis                85.12.22  -         Super Tennis. 
 C-519   Woody Pop - Shinjinrui no Block Kuzugi     87.03.15  PAD       -
 Total   14                                                             10 / 14

 Gold Cartridges
 ID      Name                                       Date      Notes     Overseas version
 G-1301  Fantasy Zone                               86.06.15  -         Fantasy Zone
 G-1302  Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto              86.07.20  -         Pro Wrestling
 G-1303  Hokuto no Ken                              86.07.20  -         Black Belt (not exactly the same game)
 G-1304  The Circuit                                86.09.21  -         World Grand Prix
 G-1305  Action Fighter                             86.08.17  -         Action Fighter
 G-1306  Alex Kidd no Miracle World                 86.11.01  -         Alex Kidd in Miracle World
 G-1307  Ashura                                     86.11.16  -         Rambo - First Blood Part II, Secret Command(o)
 G-1308  The Ninja                                  86.11.08  -         The Ninja
 G-1309  High School! Kimengumi                     86.12.15  -         -
 G-1310  Space Harrier                              86.12.21  -         Space Harrier
 G-1312  Astro Warrior                              86.12.14  -         Astro Warrior, Astro Warrior / Pit Pot, Hang On / Astro Warrior. Another source says release date is 87.02.14.
 G-1313  Great Golf                                 86.12.20  -         -
 G-1314  Double Target - Cynthia no Nemuri          87.01.18  -         Quartet
 G-1315  Loretta no Shouzou                         87.02.18  -         - Another source says release date is 87.11.01.
 G-1316  Super Wonder Boy                           87.03.22  -         Wonder Boy
 G-1317  Great Volleyball                           87.03.29  -         Great Volleyball
 G-1318  Sukeban Deka II - Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu 87.04.19  -         -
 G-1319  Rocky                                      87.04.19  -         Rocky
 G-1320  Great Basketball                           87.03.29  -         Great Basketball
 G-1321  Great Football                             87.04.29  -         Great Football. Another source says release date is 87.03.29.
 G-1322  Enduro Racer                               87.05.18  -         Enduro Racer (stripped down version)
 G-1323  The Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race                87.08.17  -         -
 G-1324  Makai Retsuden                             87.05.17  -         Kung Fu Kid
 G-1325  Akai Koudan Zillion                        87.05.24  -         Zillion
 G-1326  Out Run                                    87.06.30  FM,(PAD)  Out Run
 G-1327  World Soccer                               87.07.19  -         World Soccer
 G-1328  Anmitsu Hime                               87.07.19  -         Alex Kidd: High-Tech World (not exactly the same game)
 G-1329  Fantasy Zone II - Opa Opa no Namida        87.10.17  FM        Fantasy Zone II
 G-1330  BMX Trial - Alex Kidd                      87.11.15  FM,PAD    -
 G-1331  Haja no Fuuin                              87.10.18  FM        Miracle Warriors - Seal of The Dark Lord
 G-1332  Masters Golf                               87.10.10  FM        Great Golf
 G-1334  Doki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu Daibouken   87.08.18  FM        Penguin Land
 G-1335  Nazca '88                                  87.09.20  FM        Aztec Adventure
 G-1336  Zaxxon 3D                                  87.11.07  FM,3D     Zaxxon 3-D
 G-1337  Mahjong Sengoku Jidai                      87.10.18  -         -
 G-1338  SDI                                        87.10.24  FM        Global Defense
 G-1339  Alien Syndrome                             87.10.28  FM        Alien Syndrome
 G-1340  After Burner                               87.12.12  FM        After Burner
 G-1341  Phantasy Star                              87.12.20  FM        Phantasy Star
 G-1342  Family Games                               87.12.27  FM        Parlour Games
 G-1343  Opa Opa                                    87.12.20  FM        Fantasy Zone: The Maze
 G-1344  Tri Formation                              87.12.13  FM        Zillion II: The Tri Formation
 G-1345  Maze Walker                                88.01.31  FM,3D     Maze Hunter 3-D
 G-1346  Super Wonder Boy Monster World             88.01.31  FM        Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Super Wonder Boy Monster Land
 G-1347  Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars                  88.03.10  FM        Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
 G-1348  Galactic Protector                         88.02.21  FM,PAD    -
 G-1349  Space Harrier 3D                           88.02.29  FM,3D     Space Harrier 3-D
 G-1351  Blade Eagle                                88.03.26  FM,3D     Blade Eagle 3-D
 G-1352  Aleste                                     88.02.29  FM        Power Strike
 G-1353  Shinobi                                    88.06.19  FM        Shinobi
 G-1354  Hoshi Wo Sagashite...                      88.04.02  FM        -
 G-1355  Tensai Bakabon                             88.06.02  FM        -
 G-1356  Captain Silver                             88.07.02  FM        Captain Silver. Another source says release date is 87.07.17.
 G-1357  Super Racing                               88.07.02  FM,(PAD)  -
 G-1358  Kenseiden                                  88.06.02  FM        Kenseiden
 G-1359  Megumi Rescue                              88.07.30  FM,PAD    -
 G-1360  Thunder Blade                              88.07.30  FM        Thunder Blade
 G-1361  Lord of Sword                              88.06.02  FM        Lord of The Sword
 G-1362  Final Bubble Bobble                        88.07.02  -         Bubble Bobble (world), Dragon Maze (brasil). Another source says release date is 87.07.31.
 G-1363  Maou Golvellius                            88.08.14  FM        Golvellius - Valley of Doom
 G-1364  R-Type                                     88.10.01  FM        R-Type
 G-1365  Sports Pad Soccer                          88.10.29  SP        -
 G-1366  Kujakuou                                   88.09.23  FM        SpellCaster
 G-1367  Nekkyuu Koushien                           88.09.09  FM        -
 G-1369  Double Dragon                              88.10.01  FM        Double Dragon
 G-1370  Ys                                         88.10.15  FM        Y's: The Vanished Omens
 G-1371  Chouon Senshi Borgman                      88.12.01  FM        Cyborg Hunter
 G-1373  Bomber Raid                                89.02.04  FM        Bomber Raid
 Total   68                                                             54 / 68

 Silver Cartridges
 ID      Name                                       Date      Notes     Overseas version
 S-001   Argos no juujiken                          88.03.25  -         -
 S-002   Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida    88.04.17  FM        -
 Total   2                                                              0 / 2

 Special Cartridges
 ID      Name                                       Date      Notes     Overseas version
 -      Great Ice Hockey                            87.xx.xx  SP        Great Ice Hockey
        Only 1000 copies were distributed through a BEEP! magazine contest
        in 1987, to celebrate the release of Phantasy Star.

 Game de check! Koutsuu Anzen
        Educational cartridge, mentionned in a Japanese paper in 1988.
        Also referred to as Asunde Manabu Koutsuu Rule ("Have fun learning driving rules").
        From Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Co. LTD.
        A prototype was auctionned and sold in January 2010.
        See: http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6691
        Known unreleased prototype.
        See: http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6475
        Rewritable EPROM cards. Known unreleased prototypes.
        See: http://www.avis.ne.jp/~nakat/s_EP.htm


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