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Homebrew: Schlange CV

Game for Master System

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This is a port of the popular game Schlange/snake/nibbles It is based on a port I originally wrote for the ColecoVision, but there are substantial differences, in particular in the graphics and the AI.

It should work on SG-1000, SC-3000, Mark III and Master System, but so far has only been tested in the emulator Meka, not yet on real hardware.

There is code in the game to automatically detect the system it is running on. On the Mark III and Master System the full graphics are used, while the SG-1000 and SC-3000 have simplified graphics. Unfortunately I don't know of any emulator that emulates the hardware features for the autodetection correctly, and don't have SG-1000 or SC-3000 hardware myself. However, to allow all users to see the differences between the SG-1000 / SC-3000 and the mark III / Master System version, one can switch between them by pressing the fire button in the configuration screen.

I consider this version a demo version, since it does not yet have all the levels I want to put into this game, and only two of the four snakes are fully working.


Use the controller to steer your snake around the screen, while avoiding collision with the walls, another snake or yourself. A snake dies when it runs into a wall or a snake. The game is over when no snakes remain.

A level is won when a snake reaches the winning length. The snake that wins the most levels will win the game once all levels are won.

A snake increases in length when a bonus is eaten. Bonuses will appear randomly throughout the game, including a special, clock-shaped bonus, which halts all other snakes for a short period of time.

When a new level starts all snakes are reborn at initial length.

Configuration screen:

Use the joystick to navigate in the configuration menu and change configuration settings.

Each snake can be controlled using either ColecoVision controller (select ``Human 0" or ``Human 1") or the AI. There are two different AIs available. ``AI S" is a simple and fast AI. The other AI's skill depends on the number shown. Higher numbers indicate higher skill. Setting the number to high values will slow the game down.

Snake speed can be configured using the ``Moves / 10 sec" option. "Winning length" is the length a snake has to reach to win the level. The ``Moves / Bonus" option adjusts the frequency of bonuses appearing.

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