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You are Pigarus, the flying pig. Choose either 2 or 5 minutes mode and try to score as many points as possible in the time given.


Flight of Pigarus 1.10

© 2018 Kagesan


If you can, set your system or emulator to 50Hz/PAL.

If SRAM is not fully supported by your emulator or flashcart, highscores and the replay feature might not work properly.


See the downloaded zip for a PDF version.


See the downloaded zip for a PDF version.

★ Purpose of the game ★

You are Pigarus, the flying pig. Score as many points as you can in the allotted time.

★ Game over ★

The level of power you start the game with is 2. Losing all of your power will result in GAME OVER being displayed on the screen.

The player loses a level of power in the following cases:

  1. When Pigarus comes into contact with an enemy
  2. When Pigarus comes into contact with a missile or an enemy bullet
  3. When Pigarus touches a powerup carrier without shooting it first

The game also ends if the timer reaches zero. This will result in TIME OUT being displayed on screen.

★ Controls ★

[1] or [2]
START button
Move up
Move left
Move right
Move down
SPEED button: Press to increase or decrease flying speed
FIRE button: Hold down for rapid auto fire

★ How to play ★

On the title screen, choose either 2 minutes mode or 5 minutes mode.

In the game, try to cause as much destruction as possible. Wave after wave of enemies will try to stop you.

The faster you can destroy them, the faster new enemies follow.

Don't forget to destroy as many ground targets as possible, too. Crates and pots may not yield many points individually, but they are plentiful.

Pay special attention to chests. They release bonus jewels, which increase your score upon collection.

Finally, power pyramids release power capsules when cracked open, which increase your firepower.

★ Items ★

There are two types of items you should always try to collect.

Bonus jewels
These increase your score.
Power capsules
These increase your fire power. Get them from power pyramids on the ground or from flying powerup carriers.

★ High scores and replays ★

The game saves the highest score for each of the two game modes.

It also saves a replay of the current highest scoring runs.

To watch the replay, move the selector on the title screen to the desired mode, but do not push the START button. Instead, wait until the music stops. If a replay is available, it will start then. If no replay is available, the game will reset.

If you want to delete your high scores and the saved replays, press LEFT and BUTTON 1 and BUTTON 2 at the same time on the controller in port 2.

★ Useful Hints ★


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