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You can play this game on Master System by applying the v1.3 GG2SMS patch ;)

10 minutes gameplay video of the SMS version:

"Hey kids!! Bakayote here! Have you ever wanted a super difficult and insanely challenging version of Tails Adventures that's so impossible that it will make you want to throw your Sega Game Gear into an open volcano? No? Well of course not, but that's what you're getting anyway. Have fun with with this abomination... or don't... It really doesn't matter!!"

This hack contains full layout changes, minor art edits, new palettes, and a higher chance of seeing the game over screen! It's highly recomended that you use save states during your playthrough of this game.

The version submitted is a WIP version (0.2), currently up to the end of "Volcanic Tunnel" is done. If this hack gets enough positive attention I may work on it further after the contest. All passwords from the original Tails Adventures should work with this hack.

Many thanks to Supper from the Sonic Retro Forums for the tools made to create this sweet hack! It was created testing out the functions his editor could do and isn't a serious hack. If you want something highly extensive I fully recommend LordXernom's hack of the same game titled "Tails Adventures LX".

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