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Competition Entry

This was a competition entry in 2016



You can play this game on Master System by applying the v1.3 GG2SMS patch ;)

One fine day, a little blue bird flew through the forest and came across a young fox lying on a log.

"Dude, what's up with the dumb shades?" the bird said.

"Shove off, it's because I'm awesome," the fox said.

The bird shrugged (somehow). "Whatever. Look, those stupid ducks that set the forest on fire that one time are coming back for some reason. Go collect a bunch of crap to stop them or something."

The fox jumped to his feet, but his reply was lost in the grinding of the monstrous death machinery that had silently surrounded him (somehow) and now moved to seize their quarry. Within seconds, both fox and machines were gone, and the forest was on fire (somehow).

The bird flew off, thinking to himself, "What a pathetic excuse for a plot."

So yeah, two weeks ago I decided on a whim that I'd try to make a hack of Tails Adventures for this competition, since it would be pretty stupid to write a level editor and never use it. Somehow or another I managed to throw together enough levels to make a semi-complete game, although the edges are quite rough.

Basically, this is a "remix" of Tails Adventures that turns the original game into something more challenging but not radically different. It doesn't overhaul the gameplay significantly or alter the graphics, sound, etc., much (the few changes are generally quite apparent), but it features a relatively large set of custom-made levels along with a few additions to make the game more enjoyable. It's mostly designed as a challenge for people who played the original game; if you're not familiar with it, you might find this a bit frustrating.

Here's a quick rundown of the features:

Since I started working on this very late, I didn't have time to do a lot of things I wanted to do. The backgrounds in particular are very plain compared to the obsessively detailed ones in the original game, and the palettes are nearly untouched. It's not a flashy set-the-world-on-fire kind of hack, but I think it might be of interest, and hopefully enjoyment, to fans of the original game (I'm convinced there are some).

And since someone's probably wondering, I'm aware there's a website with the same name. I honestly don't really know anything about it and wasn't thinking of it when I picked the name, though it was probably an unconscious influence. By the time I realized, it was far too late to change it, so... yeah.

Hope you enjoy.

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