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Super Smash TV 6-button support v1.0 by Wafer 2020-05-20

This package contains a selection of patches to allow for better control options in Super Smash TV.

Variant 2A This variant supports a single player playing using the d-pad on two controllers. Pad 1 is for walking, pad 2 is for shooting. In menus, [Up] on pad 2 acts as [1], [Down] acts as [2]

Variant 2B The same as above, but with the pads turned so that the d-pad is facing the TV, almost like a Wii controller, or the NES port.

Variants 6A, 6B, 6C These variants support 1-2 players each with their own pad. If either player uses an SMS or 3-button pad, the game will behave for them as though it has not been patched. If a 6-button pad is used, the d-pad acts normally, but the firing controls are as follows:

ActionMode AMode B
Fire upYZ
Fire downAB
Fire leftXY
Fire rightBC
VariantPlayer 1Player 2
6AMode AMode A
6BMode BMode B
6CMode AMode B

Variant 6x also has some support for Saturn controllers, however the behaviour is glitchy in the menu if a Saturn pad is used by player 1.

Known bugs

- The game will not run the demo

- In the 6x variants, you cannot skip the screens before the title screen

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