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Master System Hidden FM Collection


Did you know that, unlike its Western Counterpart, the Japanese Sega Master System had its own FM soundchip? oh, you did? Well of course to you would - you're a smart, witty and generally amazing Sega Master System fan.

What you may not know, however, is that due to the Japanese Master System's abrupt termination, a surprisingly large amount of Western-only Master System games retained FM soundtracks. Rather than take them out, programmers would often simply bury them inside inaccessible bits of game code.

A Good Few Years ago, SMS Power! User "Sonic of 8" uncovered a number of action replay codes that would allow these hidden soundtracks to be heard - although only in certain emulators and not on the original hardware. As I'd already been meaning to get my feet wet with z80 programming, and no one seemed to have undertaken the task of creating the ROM patches needed to make these soundtracks work with real hardware, I thought I'd give creating these patches a go myself. So here we are!


Thanks to Calindro for making the incredibly useful Emulicious emulator, patiently walking me through a couple of basic z80 thingsand also introducing me to the wonder of the audio control port!

Thanks to everyone else at SMS Power! You work together to make an absolutely incredible resource and without you (especially Sonic of 8) this wouldn't have been possible at all.


I'm FatNicK, a musician and chiptuner who dabbles in games design and (now) ROM hacking. If you like FM sound stuff, why not check out my music?


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