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Hacks: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Zen Island - Mod

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I've been trying to make a half-decent Sonic 2 SMS since 2015, and I feel like I've made something half decent for once. :p Sonic 2 Zen Island is a level, palette, and music hack of Sonic 2 for the Sega Master System.

An actual list of changes:

-The title screen, level preview, and score tally screens now have black backgrounds instead of dark blue ones.

-Each act now has its own palette (Generally it's a day-to-night cycle over the three acts in a zone).

-The signpost now shows Sonic where Robotnik used to be and vice versa.

-The signpost are now uses black in place of yellow.

-Underground Zone Acts 1-3, Sky High Zone Acts 1-3, Aqua Lake Zone Acts 1 and 3, and Green Hills Zone Act 1 have completely different tile layouts (Some with different level sizes).

-Sonic's sprites have been edited to make him more expressive.

-Loops are glitchy for some reason (Sonic inexplicably goes in the wrong directions while on the loop).

-There's also no hang-gliders, but that's because most object layouts are incomplete.

-Each third act (Sans Scrambled Egg Zone and Crystal Egg Zone) now uses a previously unused song.

-The Level Complete and Boss themes are lower pitched.

-The credits are altered to include the people listed in the "Thanks to following people" section.

To-do list:

-Finish object layouts

-Finish tile layouts for GMZ, SEZ, and CEZ.

-Create new music rather than altering the music already in the game.

-Make GHZ the first zone.

-Make UGZ the fourth zone.

-Edit the credits to include the people who helped with this hack that aren't already in them.

Thanks to following people:

-Glitch (For making Aspect Edit, the program I used to edit the layouts and palettes, along with taking pictures of the level layouts)

-Mikel (For making this guide on how to add dynamic palettes:

-InvisibleUp (For making a post on explaining how to use Aspect Edit:

-RavenFreak (For making a list of level sizes and tile off-sets at this page:

-MrCat (For making Sonic 2 ReMastered, the hack that rejuvenated my interest in working on this hack)

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