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1.22 Aug 2020BcnAbel76PsychicWorld-SMS-EnhancedColors-Mod-1.2.zip1KB


This hack is a great update as it modifies about 0.5 Kylobytes from the original game.

This hack, among other functions, makes the use of the color palette much more interesting, increases the visual impact, better distinguishes enemies, backgrounds of the main character, and produces a better gaming experience.

The selection of the original colors, some too similar, produced an effect of playing a NES game, more limited in color than the Master System, and camouflaged active parts of the game such as platforms, stairs, etc.

Fixed continuity errors in the colors of some enemies, for example the monster that kidnaps Cecile, does not match the later animations.

Modified sequences of presentation of the game, its phases, the menu, the final sequences and the Game Over screen.

Support has been added for modern flashcarts, as the original game initially featured slowdowns on its first load.

Apply the patch to game file: Psychic World (EB) [!]. sms

- Edited palette colors, character, enemies, sky, backgrounds, stairs... - Edited main menu screen - Edited intro sequence 1,2 - Edited ingame sequence 1,2,4 - Added Everdrive compatibility on boot writting VDP register $A - Enabled Sega logo at startup - Fixed Cecile color clothes - Enable Double-Tap for running - Disabled running after time - Edited credits

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