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Pengo (Japan) V1.0 GG2SMS Conversion by BcnAbel76 - 2017-03-28

This hack is made by 0, differs from already done none Japanese version, because it includes PopCorn Music!!!

Pengo SMS patch by nextvolume <[email protected]> ( - 2014-05-17

First release v1

This is the first release of this patch that allows you to play Pengo, a game released in 1991 by SEGA for the Game Gear, on your Master System.

The game works well, and is playable. I could find no problems, if there are any, let me know.

The Game Gear START button is mapped to Button 1 on the Master System, and does what START used to do on the Game Gear (pause, etc.)

The patch applies to a ROM image of the European and American version of the Pengo cartridge.

In this archive other than for the IPS format patch, named `pengo_sms.ips', you can find the full source code of the injected code snippets that were used to make the patch; this means that if you are technically versed, you can improve the patch yourself. The Makefile is very simple and easily understood; to build the patch, simply run `make'. The ROM image must be placed in this directory and named `pengo_orig.sms'; the patched ROM afte running `make' will be named `pengo.sms'. The Makefile assumes you are on a Unix-like operating system; if you are on Windows you can try using MSYS or Cygwin.

The assembler you will need to use is z80asm (

inject, fixsum, nop and putstring were written by me (nextvolume), they will respectively inject a code snippet, fix the ROM checksum, insert NOP instructions in the ROM and insert a string in the ROM; do whatever you want with them, but give credit.


-nextvolume 17th May 2014

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