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Hacks: Great Ice Hockey - Pad Version - Mod

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1.027 Mar 2019BcnAbel76GreatIceHockey-SMS-PadVersion-Mod-1.0.zip509B

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Released in 1986 this game required Sports Pad Controller, gameplay with this device was a bit frustrating in some situations and it was a device not very commercialised

This hack done 33 years later offers you the opportunity to enjoy this game with the common controller pad

Pad reading routines have been completely rewritten for both Player 1 and Player 2

Added "PAD VERSION" to the Title Screen

Added edited US cover with Pad Controller illustration

- To select in the menus, remember to keep the arrow keys pressed

- To shoot goal, remember to point with the directional arrows

- Apply patch to International Version "Great Ice Hockey (UJ) [!].sms"

I hope you enjoy the game more comfortably now

Thanks are welcome

Conversion by BcnAbel76 @ SMS Power! Competition 2019

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