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Hacks: Golvellius - Bugfix

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1.111 May 2014Eric R. QuinnGolvellius-SMS-Bugfix-1.1.zip50KB

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Eric R. Quinn


This patch fixes a duplicated room in Golvellius - Valley of Doom (UE). One room design was presumably inadvertently used in two locations. This patch restores what is believed to be the intended room.

This patch also fixes corrupted graphics on an other room's cave.

Technical Description

Overworld is 13 wide by 14 tall. Each screen is 15 wide by 12 tall = 0xB4 bytes long.

Overworld map data starts at 0xC000 and ends at 0x13FFC. At 0xFFFC is a 4-byte gap in map data for paging registers.

The rooms are not arranged in an intuitive X,Y order, the first 9 rooms of the table are from first area of the game. More details below.

Using the X,Y coordinate system from this overworld map:

room   0 0000c000 K12
room   1 0000c0b4 K13
room   2 0000c168 K14
room   3 0000c21c L12
room   4 0000c2d0 L13
room   5 0000c384 L14 - The game's starting room
room   6 0000c438 M12
room   7 0000c4ec M13
room   8 0000c5a0 M14
room   9 0000c654 L11
room  10 0000c708 K11
room  11 0000c7bc M11
room  12 0000c870 K6
room  31 0000d5cc M1??? - start of graveyard???
room  55 0000e6ac J7???
room  56 0000e760 ??? - start of meadow???
room  69 0000f084 ??? - start of swamp???
room  83 0000fa5c ??? - start of beach/ocean???
room 120 00011464 ??? - start of crawky forest???
room 126 0001189c The missing room meant for C5
room 129 00011ab8 C4
room 130 00011b6c B4
room 133 00011d88 B3
room 134 00011e3c A3
room 138 0001210c A1
room 140 00012274 C1
room 142 000123dc E1 - the duplicated room
room 147 00012760 D4
room 148 00012814 D5
room 149 000128c8 ??? - start of pine forest???

These map data only deal with what a room looks like. There is a separate table of 7-byte entries which in some order or another: 1.) points to each of these room definitions 2.) specifies what enemies the room has 3.) where the cave entrance is and what tile data to use for it 4.) probably other things too (such as who/what specifically is in the cave)

At ROM location 0x15cb9 is a 7-byte struct beginning with byte 0x8E which should have been 0x7E for missing room C5.

At ROM location 0x15d29 is a 7-byte struct beginning with byte 0x8E. This is probably the 7-byte entry for room E1.

At ROM location 0x15e16 is a byte 0x94 which is the error byte for the cave graphic in room H5.

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