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Hacks: Enduro Racer - Enduro Racer Improved - Mod

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123 Sep 2020BcnAbel76EnduroRacer-SMS-EnduroRacerImproved-Mod-1.zip667B

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ENDURO RACER Improved Version 1.0 !!!!

- Modded Main Screen, logo option 1 ;)

- Acumulative tune up options:

( When you get to the improvement screen, the arrow lets you select only those that still remaining to buy, When you buy all improvements then unlock "NEW" SUPERJUMP )

You always be able to buy FIX (Repair) option, once per menu

- If your damage counter arrives to 99 then you loose all improvements, and need to fix your bike, damage is very important

- Edited Mid-Ending and Real-Ending, Stages 1 to 10 = Mid-Ending. Stages 11 to 20 = Real-Ending,( now Real-Ending wait press any key to boot game again )

- When you rise game with MID-Ending and challenge restarts you will get all improvements at stage 11

- Game crashes corrected when use superjump and exceed goal line

- More opponents appear, more points for you if they are advanced

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