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Hacks: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Tower of Sorrow - Mod

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1.0227 Mar 2020SteigerAlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS-TowerOfSorrow-Mod-1.02.zip65KB

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Nobody knows the place, nobody knows the time, a ghastly beast lived in a tall tower near a village. Terrified of the beast’s wrath, the villagers gave up their crops to appease it. But a time came when harvest was not plentiful and so the offerings not as generous as before. Offended, the beast ravaged the village wreaking havoc everywhere, and, as a final act of revenge, attacked one cottage and kidnapped the inhabitant’s beloved. Knocked out by the beast, the man came to after a while and, enlisting the help of an old man, found the entrance to the tower and set out to snatch his love from the beast’s claws.

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