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Hacks: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Papi Commando in CPP Land - Mod

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1.0127 Mar 2020ShiningBZH, Vetea, Jon SomethingAlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS-PapiCommandoInCPPLand-Mod-1.01.zip209KB

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ShiningBZH, Vetea, Jon Something


Papi Commando in CPP Land takes place after the 2 previous titles out on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

In his previous adventures, Papi has recovered his precious computer "The Commostrad" by killing the very bad Colonel Kasstagoule.

For taking revenge from Papi, the C++ army have put their hands on the lovely town of Papi named "Basic City", this army have been destroyed by Papi and his Bomber.

But... 5 years later, an October night, Papi on his way back to his house, found it in fire, with a letter on a tree "I've got your wife and your Commostrad – C.K.".

C.K. ? Is the Colonel Kasstagoule still alive?!

No second to waste , Papi take is gun to chase this C.K. and get back his wife!

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