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Hacks: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Galactic Boogers - Mod

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Demo 127 Mar 2020Yeti Bomar, CalindroAlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS-GalacticBoogers-Mod-Demo 1.zip142KB

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Competition Entry

This was a competition entry in 2020

Demo 1
Yeti Bomar, Calindro


You are a galactic bogger and your people are in danger. A transdimentional enemy has invaded the universe: the evil pungent triangles and they have decided to annihilate your species. Pass all the enemy traps to rescue your loved ones, fortunately you have a unique infiltration technique to go unnoticed by transforming yourself into a triangle!

Music comes from Castle of Illusion, Land of Illusion and Deep Duck Trouble.

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AlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS-GalacticBoogers-Mod-Demo 142K


See the main page for Alex Kidd in Miracle World / Alex Kidd no Miracle World (アレックスキッドのミラクルワールド) / Alex Kidd (알렉스키드)
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