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-Physics are much more fluid on squats. Jumps are more powerful, and may feel loose at first but if you can get used to stopping it's a little tighter than the old akimw physics.

-You can now preserve momentum off walls which allows for higher jumps in tight areas, and also zig-zag jumps. At the first part, you need to hug the left wall, then the right, then should be able to mount the platform. It does take a little getting used to. It also gives a little oomph from standing starts, so that you can jump and then fly from vertical a fair distance.

-Ghosts can be eliminated by spawning 2 moneybag boxes before collecting the cash. I am particularly interested whether you find the ghost chase segment after you get the ring to be balanced - it's way cleaner than my past work, but notice there's an alternate path. The game itself plans for paths and also intends to be just above AKIMW in difficulty [think NES games], with advanced challenge sections after the 'end' of each level. This along with a sunstone collection system for tough bits should hopefully accommodate more people along a difficulty curve.

The castle is intended to be harder as a measure of where testers' limits are. The cyclical attack room with monkeys should be a good challenge. Once you do that, go back to the room above and go right. You should see a narrow hallway opening out to a clump of spikes. Run up to the gap, tap left and jump, and barrel right, near the top of the jump. This is a stop and go mechanic that again utilises the conservation of velocity in differing shapes. If you struggle on it that's expected, I am more curious whether you clear the first couple of colums of the spikes as if the initial jump is valid a lot more structures open up.

My hope is that you will find play balanced but fair - if you struggle, practice the physics more [the jump over 3 colums of foam like many other issues is more about timing than anything].

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