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Weary from travels, King Alex decided to meditate on top of the highest peak of Mt. Radaxian. In that plane where the lines blur between consciousness and dreaming, he would seek the energy and wisdom to help him become the ruler that his homeland deserved. It was then and there that it happened. Shadowy figures came from behind and a cane struck the monkey child without warning, sending him into a deep sleep. There was no malice, no hatred. No mention of an old score. Only quick capture, and the promise of grim deeds to come.

When Alex awoke, his hands reflexively grasped towards his scalp. Gone! The crown was gone, and in its place an embarrasing reminder of the attack, in the shape of a bump. He opened his eyes, but there was only the blackness of an empty cell to greet him. Angered by this situation, Alex gathered all his martially artistic might and struck the floor of the cell while letting out a high pitched screech. To his surprise, the 8x8 tile he was standing on loosened from the rigid structure of the game world and fell straight down, transporting the monkey child safely with it to the ground of the room surrounding the cell. As it turns out, the cell was merely a smaller component of the larger cell that is the shimmering green Castle Tubulant.

And now... Alex Kidd knows what he must do. Break free from the shackles of his new surroundings, find the dirty thief who snatched his crown and take back what is rightfully his. Go, monkey boy, go!

​This is a hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World made with KiddEd. It is meant to be a second episode to Alex Kidd in Radaxian Rumble. It's a tougher game, so I highly recommend that you play through the previous games before trying this one.

The hack comes as an .ips patch and should be applied to a ver. 1.1 rom of the original game ("Alex Kidd in Miracle World (USA, Europe) (v1.1)", for example).

A huge thank you goes to Calindro for putting up with my questions and requests, making some changes to the original game possible, and for making and continuing work on KiddEd.


​Tips & Tricks

Ghosts dislike heights.

Good luck!

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