Slot 2 Mapping Flat Code in $00000 - $0bfff [1]

ROM Version Differences

The only differences between the Image Works and Virgin Games versions of Speedball are within the ROM header and the data for the initial logo screen & title screen.

In the ROM header, the two ROMs have different product codes (IW: 25009, VG: 25013) and different version numbers (IW: 0, VG: 1).

The logo screen is completely different between the two versions:

On the title screen, the Image Works ROM shows "© MIRRORSOFT LTD  1990" while the Virgin ROM has "©  VIRGIN GAMES  1992 ".

  1. ^ All address ranges on this page are inclusive.
  2. ^ In the Virgin Games ROM, this length is incorrectly given as $1700 (rather than $16e0) - this leads to the palette data being interpreted as an additional tile.

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