The IC sockets and cartridge connector

Now that we've built up the power supply, the next step is to solder in the IC sockets and cartridge connector, and the wire links to provide power to them.

IC Sockets (2x16 pin, 1x14 pin, DIL)

Orient one of the 16 pin sockets so that pin 1 is at 12P and pin 16 is at 9P (i.e. the notch faces left). Place the other 16 pin socket so that pin 1 is at 12AB and pin 16 is at 9AB.

The 14 pin socket should be placed such that pin 1 is at 34K and pin 14 is at 37K, i.e. with the notch facing right.

Cartridge connector (2x25 way 0.1in edge connector)

This should be placed so that pin 1 goes to 25H and pin 2 goes to 27H. (Pins 49 and 50 will be at 25AF and 27AF respectively.)

Cutting tracks

Cut tracks at the following holes:

Decoupling capacitors and wire links

100nF Ceramic Capacitors

Solder the three 100nF ceramic decoupling capacitors in the following positions:

Wire links

Solder wire links between the following pairs of holes. Use solid core, insulated wire for this. For links between holes which are very close together, you can remove the insulation entirely, so long as there's no likelihood of the wire touching another bare wire or a component leg.

Progress so far...

Here's what your SMSReader should look like now:

Progress so far

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