S8-Dev Standards Committee Charter

Version 2.00

S8-Dev Standards Committee

The Charter

The S8-Dev Standards Committee (SDSC) is established to provide a foundation of supported standards that will promote the growth of Sega 8-Bit console software development. The SDSC will be responsible for documenting, maintaining, and supporting a variety of standards designed to simplify the software development process. Specifically, some of the SDSC's responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

The SDSC will promote standards and software development for the following Sega 8-Bit consoles:


The SDSC membership consists of the active contributors on the S8-Dev forum. There is no official list of SDSC members. Any one who desires can support the SDSC by contributing time to the drafting and revision of SDSC documents and proposals.


Proposals can be brought before the SDSC via the S8-Dev Forum. Those people on the forum that have an interest in the proposal will have an opportunity to review it, make revisions, nominate for ratification, or nominate for rejection.

In the case of a nomination for ratification, once the nomination is made contributors will have one week to object to the nomination. Objections must be accompanied by arguments for why the proposal should not be ratified. The review/revise/nominate process will begin again at this point. Another nomination for ratification will need to be made once the issues of the original objection have been resolved.

Similarly, in the case of a nomination for rejection, contributors will have one week to object to the nomination. Again, objections must be accompanied by arguments for the objection.

In either case, if no objections to a nomination are made within a week, the nomination passes and the proposal is either ratified, and considered an official SDSC standard or document, or the proposal is rejected. The submitter of a rejected proposal has the option of re-considering the proposal (and hopefully re-writing it based on the reasons for rejection) and re-submitting it for SDSC consideration.

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