Japanese systems

Japanese systems have a subset of ASCII and Japanese characters in the upper part.

$00-$1fControl characters (same as ASCII)
$20-$7fRoman alphanumeric and punctuation - same as ASCII except for $5c (should be Reverse Solidus "\", displayed as Yen Sign "¥") and $5f (should be Low Line "_", displayed as Greek Small Letter Pi "π").
$80-$89Box drawing lines
$8a-$8dBox drawing curves
$90Shaded block
$91-$94Box drawing lines
$95-$9fPart-filled blocks - diagonal and vertical
$a1-$a5Japanese punctuation
$e0-$e4Part-filled blocks - horizontal
$e5Solid block
$e6-$e9Thick lines
$eaCheckerboard pattern
$ed-$efDate characters 年月日
$f0-$f4Five Elements 火水木金土
$f5-$fdGame graphics
$feDivision sign

Export systems

Export systems use the Japanese font with the Japanese characters ($a0-$df and $ed-$f4) removed and extra characters for European languages in their place:

$a0-$c2Accented letters
$c3-$caGreek alphabet subset
$cbLetter Ç
$cc-$cdInverted punctuation
$ceCombining half-A for Æ
$cfPound/Lira symbol £/₤

Windows font

A Windows .fon formatted font is available with this character set, which can be useful for viewing files written for the SC-3000.

Download SC-3000 font by Bimbo87

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