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This is a French RGB Model from 1992.

It uses the same board, same VDP and I/O chips and same XTAL clock oscillator as the NTSC Master System II. The only differences are that the Video Encoder has been removed and RF output has been replaced by a specific A/V output connector. Also, JP1 jumper (VDP controller 50/60Hz mode select) is set differently than NTSC model (this one comes with a later added 50/60Hz switch but original model had JP1 jumper set to "PAL" for 50hz video output).

Contrary to other (non-RGB) PAL Master System II boards, this board has a 315-5216 I/O controller. Note that, even when this RGB model is running at 50hz, it will run slightly faster than other PAL models which uses a 53.203424 MHz Oscillator (divided by 5 to produce VDP XTAL clock).

Board Number
Manufacture Date
20 JUL 1992
Crystal Clock oscillator
10.7386 MHz
Zilog Z0840004PSC Z80
I/O Controller
Sega 315-5216
Main RAM
Sanyo LC3664AL-10
Sega 315-5246
2 x NEC D4168C-15-SG
Video Encoder
Sega MPR-12808 (US/European BIOS with Alex Kidd in Miracle World)

Photos by Eke

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