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Development: PAL Master System: POWER BASE PAL VA3

Component side Solder side     Component side Solder side

This board has a 315-5237 I/O controller and a 315-5246 VDP. Both chips are more commonly found in the Master System II.

Board Number
Zilog Z0840004PSC
I/O Controller
Sega 315-5237
NEC D4168C-15 or NEC D4168C-15-SG
Sega 315-5246
2 x NEC D4168C-15 or 2 x NEC D4168C-15-SG
Video Encoder
Sony CXA1145P
MPR-11459A (US/European BIOS v2.4 with Hang On and Safari Hunt) or
Sega MPR-11458 (US/European BIOS v3.4 with Hang On) or
Sega MPR-12808 (US/European BIOS with Alex Kidd in Miracle World)
Known Production Dates
September 1989 to July 1991

Photos by Paul Baker, kiki77

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