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Development: Olympic Gold (オリンピックゴールド)

The differences between the v0 (US, JP) and v1 (EU) ROMs include:

  1. v0 only shows the "Barcelona '92" logo on startup, while v1 also shows a "Coca-Cola" logo.
    Logo Screen [v0]Logo Screen [v1]
  2. v0 represents the English language using the flag of the USA, while v1 uses the flag of the UK.
    Select Language [v0]Select Language [v1]
  3. v1 adds 7 bytes of code at address $02bc3, the purpose of which is to play an additional sound effect after displaying the medal table.
  4. In its ROM Header, v0's region is "GG International". v1's is "GG Export".

It is unknown whether there are any other differences between the ROMs.

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