Some games have programmers' names or initials in the ROM header. This page documents these cases. It is based on a list by Bock in this forum thread.

Missile Defense 3DAL 
Great Soccer 85SEP.12HMNG 
Great Baseball HNYN 
Ghost HouseITOU 
Kung Fu KidKT 
Satellite 7K//T 
Comical Machine Gun JoeT//K 
Action FighterKW 
Galactic ProtectorMW 
Astro Flash (JP)NTKK 
Astro Warrior Pit PotTA 
Fantasy ZoneTADoes not match any names in credits.
Teddy Boy BluesTATA 
Fushigi No Oshiro Pit PotTATH 
Great Golf JPWK 
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsYM 
Fantasy Zone: The MazeYM 
Great GolfYM 
Megumi RescueYM 
Nekkyuu KoushienYM 
F16 Fighting FalconNAKAYuji Naka
Spy vs SpyNAKAYuji Naka
F16 FighterYNYuji Naka
ColumnsTYGG Columns source says "# MAKEFILE for "Y.T program" MAIN 03-16-1989")
Jurassic ParkYT 
SpellCasterYTDoes not match any names in credits.
Sonic The HedgehogYY 
BorderlineMOOMasamitsu Niitani

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