A Guide for the Beginner

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a vgmpack from beginning to end. We will explore using the different tools available, and various strategies involved in solving a simple problem: How to get access to and convert a vgm. The order presented here will in some cases be optional. In others, changing the order can cause problems in the final result.

This guide will assume some competence in using the tools presented. Some experience using a computer and a small amount of musical knowledge. Even where such competence is lacking, a willingness to learn will be helpful, and there are many strategies available. The pack presented is neither too difficult nor simple. It has just enough challenge to provide some growth. Ultimately what you learn will be up to you.

The First Step - Obtaining the VGMs

In order to log vgms, you will need an emulator capable of doing so. Currently the only emulators that do so are

MEKA Kega Fusion MESS

The Second Step - Tagging

Normally Tagging is one of the last things you do. Tagging involves using a tool to write data to the file similar to other music formats such as Game Title and Music Author. A VGM has various other fields,

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