Game Gear Games Developed by Namco

Game Title+AliasesMusic TriggerVGM Pack StatusResources
Batter Up / Gear Stadium (ギアスタジアム)DDA0[1]accepted 
Galaga '91 (ギャラガ’91) / Galaga 2TH[2] 
Gear Stadium Heiseiban (ギアスタジアム 平成版)DDA0[1] 
Mappy (マッピー)CC80 
Ms. Pac-Man[3]TH[4][5] 
Pac-Man (パックマン)TH[8] 
Pocket Jansou (ポケット雀荘)LH[9][5] 
Wagan Land (ワギャンランド)C0DE 

  1. ^ a b Sound Test available (Code/Cheat)
  2. ^ ROM [04D99]
  3. ^ Master System version exists, largely identical, on some occasions, some features may be different, such as music trigger location, or in game options
  4. ^ ROM [06452]
  5. ^ a b c d Id's are random and non-sequential. Usually start low
  6. ^ ROM [012E4]
  7. ^ ROM [03600]
  8. ^ ROM [08196] (press u/d to trigger)
  9. ^ Options screen ROM [02F38] (press u/d to trigger)

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