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Development: Joypad

Master System Control Pad (code 3020)
Master System Control Stick (code 3060)


The joypad is the standard peripheral supplied with (or built in to) the Sega 8-bit games systems. It is compatible with Atari, C64 and, to a slightly lesser extent, Mega Drive/Genesis hardware.

Sega also released a digital joystick using the same interface, and some third-party controllers were also released.


TLButton 1
TRButton 2
THNot connected

The TR line is configured as an input to the system.

Because the controller ports are active-low, a 1 in the corresponding port register signifies "not pressed" and a 0 "pressed". This is achieved in hardware by leaving lines unconnected when not pressed, and connecting them to Gnd when pressed.


Button 1 is to the left of button 2. Button 1 is also labelled "START" on the Master System, and is the expected input when a game prompts the user to "press start", although a better interface (for software running on the system) would be to accept either button.

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