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ROM Version Differences

Retail Versions

The differences between the two retail versions (v0 and v1) of E-SWAT include:

  1. In v1, the function at $08a9 which reads from VRAM adds two extra opcodes for delay purposes [1]. One of them is unnecessary, the other increases the delay between VRAM access from 18 cycles (too little) to 25. This bug fix confirms that v1 is a later version than v0.
  2. v0 does not have a timer at the continue screen, while v1 does.
  3. In v0, the player's health replenishes on reaching a boss, which it does not in v1.
  4. v1 gives the player significantly fewer bullets than v0.
  5. v0 has an "Arrest" graphic at the bottom of the Round Start screen.
    Round Start [v0]Round Start [v1]

Prototype Versions

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  1. ^ These delaying opcodes are not present in any of the prototype versions.

Prototype versions researched by RetroSpark

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