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ROM Version Differences

Between v0 (JP) and v1 (JP)

The only differences between the v0 and v1 ROMs are in the graphics for the jewel and square block sets.

v1 switches the shape of the purple and green jewels, and simplifies the design of the squares. The differences can easily be seen on the options screen which is shown before starting the game:

Options Screen [v0]Options Screen [v1]

Between v1 (JP) and v2 (Export)

There are both code and data differences between the v1 and v2 ROMs. These include:

  1. v2 slightly changes the colour of one of the square blocks.
    Options Screen [v2]
  2. v2 adds "TM" symbols to both the Sega logo and the Columns logo.
    [v0] & [v1][v2]
  3. v0 and v1 show a copyright date of 1990 on the title screen, while v2 shows 1991.
  4. The Japanese versions display "YOU DID IT!" on completion of of a "Flash" level, except if the height was 9 (the maximum) in which case they display "APPARE OJOZU!" instead. The export version always shows "YOU DID IT!".


Columns overflows twice: when the block counter goes beyond 69999, and when the score goes beyond 999999, as seen in this video.

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