Slot 2 Mapping Mapped Code

The v1 Asterix ROM corrects several issues in the v0 ROM:

  1. During the ending sequence, the v1 ROM loads a set of tiles into VRAM at address $0080 rather than $0000. This protects two required tiles from being overwritten, preventing corruption of the Getafix sprite. Accordingly, the sprite's tile indices are also changed.
    Getafix [v0]Getafix [v1]
  2. After the credits have shown, the v0 ROM leaves a flag set in RAM. This causes the ending sequence to show incorrectly if the game is completed a second time. v1 zeroes an additional byte of RAM, clearing the flag.
  3. The French text on the round VIII title card is corrected - in v0 the text is a duplicate of that used for round VII.
    Round VIII Title Card [v0]Round VIII Title Card [v1]
  4. Some of the French text in the attract sequence and on the round III title card is corrected:

These are the only differences between the v0 and v1 ROMs.

Researched by Paul Baker

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