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Credits: X-Men: Mojo World

Jerry Markota
Paul Hutchinson
Product Manager
Eric Dunstan
Product Specialist
Clint Dyer
Kim Biscoe, Paul Hutchinson
Music & Sound
Paul Hutchinson
Jerry Markota, Paul Hutchinson
Jerry Markota
Manual Copy/Design
Curtis Clarkson, Genevieve Astrelli
Special thanks To
Dana Morsehead, Brenda Akins
And Also To
Dan Chang (of Echidna for LZDC and tUME)
Lead Tester
Abe Navarro
Asst. Lead Testers
Amy Albertson, Brian Thoroman, Len Jung
Lorne Asuncion, Steve Bourdet, Rick Greer, Dave Wood, John Dejano, Rob Prideaux, Matt Lucich, Ian McGuiness, Arnold Feener, Jeremy Wheat, Arnold Galano, Alan Arrivas, Jason Torres

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