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Credits: Urban Strike (The sequel to Jungle Strike)

Mike Posehn
Game Design
John Manley, Tony Barnes
Art Director
Julie Cressa
Ross Wentworth, Erich Horn
Victor French, Tom Lisowski, Tony Gascon, Ron Sacdalan, Walter Ianneo, Jeff Fennel
3-D Models
Tim Calvin, Terry Falls, Lance Armstrong, Peter Traugot
Additional Art
Kendra Lammas, Michael Shirley, Susan Manley, Keith Bullen
Sound and Music
Don Veca
Technical Director
Tim Brengle
Product Manager
David Sze
Assistant Producer
Michael Lubuguin

Foley Hi-Tech

David Foley
Project Manager
Susan Manley
Assistant Director
Antonio Barnes
Produced By
Scott Berfield
Directed By
John Manley


Michelle Elliott, Ed Kieckhefer
Melissa McGowan
Project Manager
David Brain, Sr.
President and CEO
Ron Borta

Credits on title screen. Borta credits not shown in-game?

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