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Credits: Mortal Kombat II

MK Design Team
Ed Boon, John Tobias, Tony Goskie, Dan Forden, John Vogel

Probe Software Ltd

Keith Burkhill
Terry Ford
Other Graphics
Keith Burkhill
Matt Furniss
Produced by
Creative Director
Joe Bonar
Quality Assurance Manager
Tim Bradstock
QA Engineers
James Stewart, Benedict O'Reilly, Nick McGee

Acclaim Development by The Grey Team

Robert Leingang
Associate Producer
Stacy Allyn Hendrickson
Joe Libertella, John Cirabisi, Alessandro De Lucia, James Johnson
Special Thanks To
Diane Cambria, Eric Weiner, Mark Mermelstein, Eric Samulski, Billy Pidgeon, Steffan Levine, Shawn David Rosen

Uncredited in-game

Music engine
Shaun Hollingworth

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