Programmer (Design, Game Engine, Character Code, Enemy Code, Presentation System)
DJ 'Evil' Steve Pearce
DPaint Whizkid (Design, Sprites, Backgrounds, Presentation)
Rev. Mickey Adams
Art Supremo, Bomber Champ (Design, Sprites, Backgrounds, Maps)
Rt. Hon. Jason L. S. Cunningham
Programmer (Design, Support Programming, Maps)
W.P.C. Warren Mills
The One and Only Animator (Main Character Animations, Music Score)
Sgt. Jolyon Myers
Artist (Enemy Sprites)
Matt Hicks MBE
Producer (Aiding and Abetting)
Sir Darren Anderson KBE
Prince of Palettes (Marko Character Design, Backgrounds)
HRH. Tony West
Programmer (Support Programming)
Prof. Chris West
Programmer (Support Programming, Mapper)
Paul Margrave Q.C.
Trance Guru (Music and Sound FX)
Dr. Mike Ash. PhD
Programmer (Support Programming)
Col. Andy Taylor
Bright Ideas (Original Conceptual Design)
Duke Jason Orbaum of the Nether Realms
The Wednesday Club
Adam Kitcat and Juliet Hill

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