Developed In The UK By
Syrox developments
Produced By
Dominic Wood
Programmed By
Dominic Wood
Graphic Artists
Mark Knowles, Tony West, Mike Adams, John Green, Jim Studt, Jason Green, Kevin Watts, Andrew Cambridge, Kevin McMahon
Music and Sound
Krisalis, Matt Furniss

Virgin Interactive Europe

Product Producer
Ian Mathias
Test Manager
Kevin Turner
Anthony Hinds, John Martin, Paul Welton, Simon Humber, Tony Byus, Michael Wenn, Carl Perrin, Alon Malka

Disney Software

Senior Producer
Patrick Gilmore
Assistant Producer
Michael Giacchino

Sega of America

Rhonda Van
Assistant Producer
Erik Wahlberg
Product Manager
Chrissie Huneke
Test Lead
Crisi Albertson
Assistant Leads
Kimberly Rogers, Ben Cureton
Sam Saliba, Rachael Bristol, Jeff Kessler, Joel Breton, Carey Camacho, Bill Person, Blair Bullock, Gregg Vogt, Todd Morgan, Don Carmichael, Maria Tuzzo, Amine Khoury, Ben Szymkowiak, Randy Kriedt, Kif Davis, Daniel Wong, Bart Larrenaga, Mark Griffin

Uncredited in-game

Music engine
Shaun Hollingworth

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