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Credits: Home Alone

Developed by
Brian A Rice, Inc
Al Baker
Game design
Michael Latham
Additional design
Tony Van
Art direction
Thomas L Fessler
Background art
Thomas L Fessler, Safari Art-Graphics
Safari Art-Graphics
Music direction
Cliff Falls
Music and sound effects
Rolf Weber, Cliff Falls
Lead tester
Jill Schwartz
Crisi Albertson, Dante Anderson, Nathan Baker, Terry Banks, Greg Becksted, Joe Cain, Harry Chavez, Chris Cutliff, Cliff Falls, Ivan Foong, Richard Hideshima, Keith Higashihara, Jason Kuo, Tony Lynch, Heather Meigs, Vy Nong, Bill Person, Unni Pillai, Eric Rawlins, John Russell, Chris Sinclair, Ben Szymkowiak, Conan Tigard, Kurt Tindle, Robert Wong
Product marketing
France Tantiado
20th Century Fox licensing and merchandising
Scott Marcus
Tony Van
Copyright © 1992


Credits Lacking Screenshots

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