Acclaim Credits

Acclaim Development
The Grey Team
Rob Leingang
Associate Producers
Ken Kajikawa, Gregg Giles, James Johnson
Steffan Levine, Mark Mermelstein
Administrative Assistant
Diana Cambria
Technical Director
Howard Schwartz
Digital Production Group
Rob Zimmelman, Mark Newman, Marvin Tate
Advanced Technology Group
Jeremy Schwartz, Roger Booth, Larry Kelly, Mike Passuello
Control Code Designer
Mike Hong
Quality Assurance
Carol Caracciolo, Mat Kraemer, Tim Falzone
Lead Tester
Mike Hong
Boxing Consultant
Keith Glascoe
Interactive Director
Glenn Wissner
Special Thanks
Tyrone Miller, Mike Archer

Software Creations

Executive Producers
Richard Kay, Mike Webb, Michele Ahearn
Designed by
Jeff Carnell, Brian Ullrich
Additional Design
Dave Mclachlan, Ste Ruddy, Evan Dean, Andrew Routledge
Produced by
Jeff Carnell
Art Direction
Dave Mclachlan
Technical Direction
Ste Ruddy
Animation Direction
Ste Thomas
Main Artist
Chris Collins
Artwork by
Jimmy Kowalski, Jeff Sturgeon
Animation by
Alan Moult, Andy Wilson
Additional Artwork
Mat Medina, Adrian Bourne
Music and SFX
Chris Jojo, Paul Tonge
Game Testing
Andy A
Special Thanks to
Robert Ahearn, Mat Medina, Rob Sturdevant, Tacoma Boxing Club, John Pickford, Ste Pickford, Lorraine Braxton, Kevin Edwards, Marc Dawson, Jennifer Knapper, Irene J. Kruppa, Victoria Scott, Linda M., Joe Hawkins, Sam the Dog
Big Big Thanks
Maria Oppelt

Credits Lacking Screenshots

See the main page for Foreman for Real (フォアマンフォーリアル)

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