Designed By
NuFX, Inc.
Andrew H Marrinson, Dave Newton
Art & Animation
Lisa Clarizio, Tammy Daniel-Biske
Byte-Size Sound
Andrew H Marrinson
NuFX would like to thank
John Cortecenero, Ed Hellesen, Casey Hunt, John Marrinson, Scott Nychay, Dave Pasciuto, Pat Quinn, Gordon Read
MTV Production Coordinator
Tony Calandra
Design Specialist
Brad Delaney
MTV Creative Consultants
John Andrews, Matt Farber, David Felton, Stephen Gass, Nick Litwinko, Todd Mueller, Abby Terkuhle
VNM Quality Assurance
Mike Casso, Matt Anderson, Glenn Levy
Special Thanks
Chris Marcill, Sam Johnson, Lisa Hackett, Susan Meisel, Liz Fairbairn, Chris Rywelski, Matt Welton, Peter Parles, John Podlasek And all the folks at MTV and Viacom, New Media
Based on the Characters and situations created by
Mike Judge

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